sex and the city 2

June 04 [Fri], 2010, 5:13
SEX and the CITY 2 hit England last weekend
i was really looking forward to watching it because the first one is awesome
when i got my German friend's text to ask me come along with, i was extremely exciting and dressed up a cute floral dress being ready to hang out with my lovely friends
4 girls had a drink before going to the cinema and of course our topic still focused on 'men'
we went to the cinema 15 mins before the film stared and i couldn't believe that a long line in front of the cinema that i saw
' is really Carrie inside the cinema? ' i was wondering ... ...
' no way. the line is across the street' my British friend yelled ... ...
then 4 of us waited outside for over 10 mins
although i prefer the first one, i still recommend girls should watch this film
sex and the city 2 is a little bit too commercial like promoting Abu Dhabi's tourism , but it's still very interesting and made me laugh through the end
after watching it, i have a keen feeling that keeping a good relationship is terribly difficult.
sometimes it might be not too bad being a single lady, isn't it?

UK's spring

April 28 [Wed], 2010, 12:39
it's great that it has become warmer and warmer
hmmm, how's spring in England !?
well, it's definitely much lovelier than rainy days

lovely weather and flowers !

beautiful, aren't they! i took this pic in front of my uni's library !

cute kids

nice weather on other campus

arh ... i really hate doing assignments and especially during holidays
i wish i could have a trip to anywhere nice after finishing my papers

poupeegirl hooray !!

April 28 [Wed], 2010, 12:24
awww, i'm a poupeegirl now
it's odd that actually, i have already known the game for few years, but i just started to play it this week
it's very nice to make some friends who are also interested in my favorite items
unfortunately, i got to work on my essays so i don't have much time to play it
what a shame ... cos i'd like to make new friends
anyway, i think that i'm quite addicted to the game
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  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:nana
  • アイコン画像 性別:女性
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:2月5日
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  • アイコン画像 現住所:国外
  • アイコン画像 職業:大学生・大学院生
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    ・ショッピング-カワイイ 物/服 が大すきです!
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