new house 

2007年07月28日(土) 19時20分

{ラブ}i'll be ur dream 

2006年08月08日(火) 1時20分
meet w hyun ji today
hehe i rrly glad cos i never known
i could see her again

howeva it was rrly gd to meet her
cos we talked n i realize wt she said
hmm~ i won't give up my life

yep~ n since ゆうくん is my dream guy
until this thinking change
..he doesn't have dream..

go back to thailand actulli a gd chance
i will do my best studying~
n one day i'll be his dream girl

yoshhhh!! i gotta make it

☆my confession☆ 

2006年08月07日(月) 3時25分
「さんでい」 好きです..
「ゆう」 well thank you i appreciate

u're rrly kind~hehe im glad that i told u


2006年08月06日(日) 4時00分
today i fall in luv w Barbie bag
i found it in cwb new shop
but it's like 1300 ehhhhh~

btw the seller is Japanese
n she's rrly かわいい n frdly
i was enjoy talkin to her
she was like おめでとううううう
when i said abt first date
aaaaa- i rrly wanna have first date by now

my confession 

2006年08月04日(金) 2時59分
im rrly glad to know u
n rrly hapi talkin to u
i wanna say..
thank you for everything
goodbye n lastly..


Karen n Celina 

2006年08月04日(金) 2時36分
i told celina m karen ytd
after we went to karaoke
i shld hav been 2 karaoke for so long
itss soooooo funnnnnn
i luv karen's voice
celina's is cute too
hehe i couldn't hear my voice tho

i gonna miss Karen n Celina sooo much
i wish i could stay n spend times w them more
unun but i will meet them again
i love talkin to them wowww
they helped me a lot!! aaa~
they r one of the best person in my life
i wish they know that i love them

today celina n her mom came over cwb
i've never seen mother who's this kind
even there's typhoon3
i rrly like her plus im thankful eveythings
celina gave to me..


2006年08月04日(金) 2時34分
hehe such a crying week..
i just came back from Thailand
chosin new school..
took exam n apply..
i dun exactly know which sku is gd
hmmm that made me scared of future..

i told only ゆう, celina, Karen, Marie and
i'll tell Jeane abt this..yep
im scared to tell evey one..


2006年07月24日(月) 3時39分
ゆうくん said im his great frd
nee~ i have a place in his heart right
hehe im thinkin positive way
treasure frdship togeta
nee~ i wanna be a football
wt he spends time with..


2006年07月22日(土) 1時12分
aaa~talked to ゆうくん this afternoon
however the conversation's mood was...
hmm~ serious, boring
cos my mind wasn't in the conversation that much

it's b'cos ytd celina n Karen had that funniest conversation
Celina = Me n Karen = ゆう
they made the confession conversation
it was so funny n i was laughing so loud

back to today my conversation w ゆうくん happen
to start just like Celina+Karen.. then i heart was like...
normally i probably not talk 2 ゆう when my mood's abnormal
but i wanted to anyway cos i havn't talk to ゆう for 2 weeks

then..i was abt to confess.. almost.. rrly close
however i didnt ゆうくん was rrly cute n kind
i was so hapi cos even i wasn't that concentrate
ゆうくん's still so adorable

i wanna call him ゆうくん+i love when he called my name
i like the song.. first song

i changed my mind abt confession
i won't confess cos i can't lose this relationship..
i know ゆうくん knows how i feel..
..then it's enough cos im hapi with the way we are


2006年07月17日(月) 21時58分

went to eat さんぱち w mom
i love ramen,, fav food dayoo
unun this resturant recomment by かおりちゃん

unn howeva my mom looks sad
i rrly want to make her feel better
soi hav to be strong n hapi
cos if u're sad ppl around ugonna feel lonely
smile ne

i wish i can make great job in Thailand
then my mom gonna b rrly hapi
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