2006年03月04日(土) 0時15分
You've gone in the distance.
The neighbor had me a little ago.
I seem to lose loneliness.

I don't know anything about you.
Understand it, and is there never us?
Is punishment given unless a greedy person stops it?
I'm any kind of person for you?

I'm annoyed.
I'm lonely.
I wanna cry aloud.
I wanna see you.


2006年02月25日(土) 1時11分
I find love in only one kiss.
Therefore do you put love at the moment?
Put on arm a kiss mark manlike.
Give me your love.
Give me your love.
I'm at the mercy of you.
You want to be robbed of a kitten nobody.
Therefore you mark it.
You may monopolize me.
Because I cannot live without you.

Where is... 

2005年12月10日(土) 1時31分
I go alone. I want your love.
I feel nothing. I think about nothing.



2005年05月12日(木) 15時31分
This road where it walked many times with you.
I walked alone.
Memories of that every day do not disappear.
Cherry blossoms and scattering this day of April.
I walked alone in the park.
Just one year-ago was recalled.
Memories with you met for the first time
in land where it doesn't know anything.
Joke now.

Moreover, let's meet some time.
Moreover, I want to walk in this park at two people at one time.
The spring of second is spring where you are not.

Be Positive!! 

2005年05月10日(火) 15時29分
Let's live positively!!

You say."it was shaken by the boyfriend"
you say."made a mistake on business"
you say."I have never good,recently"
you say."Repeat of the same thing of everyday"

Hey!hey!Fuck you guys!!
Have positive feeling!!
We have not at slow time
Go out if you want thrill!!
Go out!!


2005年05月06日(金) 15時23分
I'm growing up.
Did the time of choosing one way come?
If the way is progressed, can some I change?

I greeted one turning point of 20.
I am still a child, the surroundings change certainly.

What is there?
Supposing the number of what I desire is also one,
I will go there, and it is as it runs intently.

This world full of injustice
A world full of mistakes
Don''t forget what is the most important.

what is it.Here.
You who smile for a while were there
You who laugh in a side always are.
I am here now, without swerving from a way

Happy Sunday 

2005年05月03日(火) 15時14分
I shoulder the guitar and take train.
Sunday everyweek is happy time for me.
I think while listening to music.
"Bad event happend yesterday"
"Let's enjoy switching feelings today"

Happy Sunday!
Because it can meet everyone's smile!
Happy Sunday!
It's glad everyweek!
Today was happy sunday.
Ends today, and come tomorrow!
Sun rise again!
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