September 07 [Sun], 2008, 7:12
I made a twitter account this morning.

Feel free to "follow" it
(Click on the unicorn)


August 06 [Wed], 2008, 4:04
This note was written especially for my friend...
... Ste. The Flying Loliswordman.


August 05 [Tue], 2008, 21:46

Yesterday I had many important things to do so I woke up early.
After I did thoses boring things, I decided it was time for shopping !
Actually I wanted to buy a Book of Japanese (and I did) but finally I went first to the Bon Marché and..... I bought this Neclace from the brand Les Bijoux de Sophie.


August 03 [Sun], 2008, 15:16
I just came back from my Dad's House in the French West South Country Side.

I really enjoy that week even if I don't like country side because of insects.
There were soooo many spiders ! ! !
But my father put them outside, one by one.

I also went to visit the Hautefort Castle which is quite beautiful !

Near this place I found fashion newspapers from the begining of 20th century.
They were really not expensive so I bought five of them.

I think sometimes it can be good to leave the city and see trees and flowers.

Actually it was very nice holidays.

I felt free and happy.


August 02 [Sat], 2008, 23:19
Welcome on my diary !

I will try to write it in English because I need to speak better.

I will also try to write sometime in japanese.
I'm very bad so really a little.

By the way, I hope you'll enjoy it ! ! !

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