May 24 [Wed], 2006, 1:17
second entry today:) there might be a day where ill update a couple entries in one day, there will be otheres where i wont update for a week or two. i just like to come here and type some english when im really missing it

well, something i realized while i was on the trains today. some japanese are really nice; their nice to everyone. especially the people in the rural areas. but when ur in the city, almost everyone acts like their fed up with their own problems, and act meanly towards people they dont know. sometimes, they even do/say mean things. for example, i saw a lady step on a girls shoe. then, i heard the word 'itai' which means ouch what i was surprised about was that is wasnt the girl who said "itai" it was the lady who steped on the girls shoe. even thought no one actually forced her physically, it almost seemed like the lady was forcing the girl to say sorry to her. and the girl did. she said sorry to the lady, but the lady is the one saing sorry to the girl. i thought this was really rude, and i felt extremely sorry for the girl. she was probably about the age of 8 or 9.
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May 24 [Wed], 2006, 1:08
hey to introduce myself, im japanese, and i'm living in japan now, but ive lived pretty much my whole life in the states, so its easier for me to do everything in english. i had to come back to japan because of reasons with my dad's work, and i dreaded it. it was my worst nightmare for the last couple months i was in the states. but now thats its been almost two years since i came back to japan, im slowly starting to adjust to japanese cultures, and speaking better japanese.

i probably wont update anything too exciting in this blog, but if u stop by, please leave me a comment. japanese or english, ur choice. o yea, im learning spanish right now, so if its easy spanish, thats okay too.
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