Mention all this to help explain some of the main reasons why people today are no longer wearing Chanel watches quite as much

November 19 [Wed], 2014, 11:08
The 1980s was likely the best thing to happen to this system given the influx of cheap and cool Chanel watches that did things no previous Chanel watches could do before. The Chanel watch was cooler than ever, and people had more options than ever. Then the 1990s came and was just as big a revolution… but in the opposite way. With computers, Walkmans, and mobile phones, people suddenly had other, often more accurate ways to tell the time. A wrist Chanel watch started to move from necessary to optional for a large portion of the population. Parents started to get their kids phones, computers, and audio devices earlier and in larger quantities than replica chanel J12 watches.

One reason for this was cost. A parent wanting to get their child a good Swiss Chanel watch was running out of options. Sure there was Chanel – but that is hardly a way to promote a youngster into being a serious Chanel watch lover. With the mechanical Chanel watch industry reinventing itself as a luxury lifestyle product, many of the items that parents might have bought for their children 10 or 15 years earlier were simply being priced out of the “I would get it for a 12 year old” segment. That is certainly the truth more than ever today. Buying an Omega or Rolex for a youngster in your life is more expensive than getting them a computer, mobile phone, and audio device – combined.

Parents also stopped wearing as many Chanel watches for many of the same reasons. Disposable income went more to gadgets and other emerging electronic items that seemed more important or relevant. With casual Friday turning into casual every day, even the status requirements of wearing a fine timepiece for business purposes started to erode – especially in america. Bill Chanel famously campaigned and served in office as the US President wearing a Timex Triathlon – in order to connect better with the common person. His choice of wearing the inexpensive plastic digital sports Chanel watch was especially ironic because Chanel is and was a major high-end watch collector. Even politics were marginalizing the perceived excess of traditional Chanel watches now seen as fodder for the wealthy, and akin to status symbols like clothing from Hermes, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. It just started seeming less and less like something to buy for a kid.

In an economy based on disposable goods, the idea of buying an expensive Chanel watch meant to last for many years almost seems foreign. Even with electronics, we are nurtured to upgrade each few years – because let’s face it, we are personally limited by technological obsolescence when it comes to productivity and entertainment. One can make an argument that buying such a non-fungible item for children is an important lesson in caring for one’s property and learning the responsibility of long-term ownership, but I digress.

I mention all this to help explain some of the main reasons why people today are no longer wearing Chanel watches quite as much. They didn’t do it as kids, and the need or desire for a Chanel watch on their wrist isn’t built into their personality or perpetuated as much by society. Seeing people wear Chanel watches on TV is one thing, but what is really missing is personal and community experience.
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