gonna sleep

February 26 [Thu], 2009, 9:25
oh gosh...so tired....

today i participated in workshop and seminar in the university i want to enter, but they will have an interview the other day.

i saw some british students i met in another uni, you know... i experienced disaster in the workshop of that uni....anyway, it was really nice to see you them again! Actually, i couldnt talk so much again but i think feel like self-fulfillment because this time i really focused on listening to what they talked about, and i could!! you know, the last time it was very hard for me to understand what they (native english speaker) said and i completely lost the thread of the conversation. Yet today it was different!! Although the other students thought im such a boring person who doesnt speak at all and just smiles...but i dont care! because im just feeling pleasure, simply. I cant expect rapid improvement, especially for speaking skill since this is more like physical ability is required i reckon. thats why i need more practice and experience but today i could see ive been improving step by step, so thats enough so far!! But next time when ill talk with native speaker i have to be able to speak more!!:)

okay, im so tired...ive been preparing long essay and exam stuff for a quite long time...i have to sleep...

ive got some new vocabulary but now my preference is for time to sleep....

yeah i think i didnt talk about Shun-kin i watched the other day so ill introduce it next time.
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its really hard when we cannot achieve something in a way we imagine, but i hate giving up something. Just keep going and give it our best shot!