Birthday party!!

August 27 [Sun], 2006, 22:55
We had a party at our house. One of my housemates who is from Korea, her birthday and mine are very close. So our housemates had a party for us!! The party started at around 7:30...but around 10:30, everyone were drank...we drunk a lot, loughed a lot!! This was a Japanese alchohol(=sake). My friend gave me. It looked so expensive, right??But we drunk everything in just one day...sorry my friend... I ha d a good good time!! I really think that it is a good thing to move here! I'm happy!!

Happy??My birthday!

August 26 [Sat], 2006, 22:13
Today is my 28th birthday!! Yeah!! Finally I've turned 28... time goes so fast!! I can't believe it!!! Some of my friends are getting married in this year. It's great! In my case...I have to find a nice man at first... When can I get married??
This is my birthdaycake from my cowarkers. I tald my manager, he gave me this cake... Oh, thank you...

How to cook fryrice?

August 25 [Fri], 2006, 0:14
One of my housemate is Thai boy. He is a 22-year old cute boy. He wants to know how to cook some foods, so he sometimes asks me how to cook pasta or fryrice or ...Today I tought him how to cook flyrice. You know it's too easy to make it! We enjoyed to cook! It's going to be his lunch...
Next time, we will cook Miso soup. It's easy too...

My dinner #3

August 22 [Tue], 2006, 20:54
Omelet rice? (Is this correct??) It was yummy!! Am I good at cook? I complimented by myself!! ahaha...

First salary!

August 20 [Sun], 2006, 16:40
Yahoo!!! I got a salary for 2 weeks! About $ japan, about ¥50,000. It's not enough, but I can survive here! I have to save my money for extending my visa! Anyway I'm happy


August 19 [Sat], 2006, 16:06
I live in the basement. My house has 4 rooms in the basement. When I moved here, just one more people( Japanese boy) lives. And today other 2 people were moving here. One is from Hong Kong, the other is from Spain. But they can speak English very very well. Almost native speaker!! They are talkative and funny! We talked until midnight!

My dinner #2

August 16 [Wed], 2006, 21:50
I made a cream pasta!! It was very easy to make it! But taste was so good!! aha...

Fix up my room!

August 13 [Sun], 2006, 15:15
Last Friday I went to the "IKEA" which is a big funiture store. I bought a lot of things! Bedsheet, pillow, pillow case, pot, dishes, mug cups, cutting bord...I spent a big money...It was heavy to bring them back to home...but my room looks so much better than first day! I have never lived by myself in Japan so this is my first time to live alone. I'm so exciting!! I can do everything I want to do!! It's my room and my dinner!!

Viva Cinnabon!!

August 12 [Sat], 2006, 20:46
I ate a cinnamon roll! It's not a normal one! It's very very famouse! I love it so much!! Looks yummy, uh? I like sugar on the top! あ〜たまらん

Cut my hair.

August 11 [Fri], 2006, 21:52
I got a hair cut. This is my first time to cut my hair in Toronto. But no problem! My Japanese friend cut my hair. I heard Canadinan is very lazy, so we shouldn't go to the Canadian's hair salon. It's true!! I haven't cut my hair for 4 months...such a long time...
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