First work day!

July 31 [Mon], 2006, 16:24
I'm so tired...It was a very tough work... toooooooo busy!! And besides, I did a casher. Today was my first day!!!!! CRAZY!!I was always confused and panicked...It's too difficult to catch the word the customers says. "Midium coffee, double double" =midium coffee, 2 sugars 2 creams. That's easy. But Sometimes they order different ways..."Medium coffee, 2 and a half sugers 3 milks" and they speak so fast!! I feel just "Oh my god!!" I ask again, again, again...I'm so sorry...But I can't hear...I feel a big frustration.

Got a job!!!

July 28 [Fri], 2006, 15:45
Finally!! I got a job Let's say how I could get that job...just yesterday I faxed my application form to the store, and then this morning I got a call from manager. And I had a job interview twice at the same time. When I had a second interview, I couldn't answer about her question... but she hire me! Why? Why?? I'm just lucky!! Where is my work place?? The name is "Tim Hortons". It's a famous company in Canada! It's like a Mr donuts. They sell coffee, tea, donuts, coockeis, sandwiches, soup...I have to memorize many many things. It must be hard and tough...There is no Japanese so I can speak only English! I t's a good situation for me. I'll start to work from next Monday! I'll do my best!!

Toronto Islands!

July 23 [Sun], 2006, 21:17
I went to the Toronto Islands with my friends. I brought my bike. It was sunny day...We enjoyed catching, frisbee. But suddenly the weather changed...It started raining about 2 hours later. We tried to leave soon...there was a big problem!! The Toronto Islands has 3 decks( main deck, other smaller 2 decks) . First way, we rode a boat to small deck so I could bring my bike. Return way, we tried to ride a boat from main deck, but it didn't accept bike. As you can imagine, I couldn't ride that boat. It was so far from there to other decks, about 30 minutes the heavy rain!! I tried to ask a security staff to ride a boat with my bike from main deck, again and again...because of the heavy rain!! But he never said OK... FUCK!! 警備員のバカヤロー!!

Party party!

July 21 [Fri], 2006, 3:42
Happy birthday 10th IH! It's my previous school and I did a volunteer there. I met many many old friends at the club. Some are working, some are going another school...we are going to different way.
We had a good time to drink beer, to eat some food, to dance...I went back home almost 3am...I was so tired. Fuck...

Last volunteer day.

July 14 [Fri], 2006, 12:54
Today was my last day of IH volunteer. It was sad...because I had been for 3 months!It was a long time, don't u think so?? Most of teachers knows me and they are very nice, kind. I could learn a lot of things in 3 months. I hope I can keep in touch with them!

The beach

July 08 [Sat], 2006, 19:57
Today was so sunny day, so bright. I went to the beaches near Woodbine. Of course biking! Nice riding! I worn a tube top and a short shorts! It was a PERFECT BEACH STYLE!! It's common in Toronto. Even if the girls are fat, they show their body boldly...ahaha...I was just relaxing on the beach. And then I moved to Queen Street which is the most fashonable area in Toronto for window shopping!
I went back home around 7pm, and I wached the movie "The Last Samurai" with BEER!! Yahoo!!


July 01 [Sat], 2006, 23:26
Happy birthday 139th Canada!!ahaha...but still 139th...too young! I thought everyon celebrated for canada, but most of people were excited to watch the WC than that. I was a little disappointed about it. Today there was a small small fireworks at the harbour front, so I went there to see it. It was totally different from japanese fireworks. The number was less than Japan's, the size was smaller than Japan's... I think it was so so...
And I just decided to start writing my dialy in English! It's hard for me...maybe...でも頑張ります!
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