March 01 [Sat], 2008, 9:04
gimp! <'3

pink pink pink

i just play around with it hmm yeah, i dunno. but its fun =D

another saturday 

February 24 [Sun], 2008, 7:29

today i bought the gothic and lolita bible vol.19

so after a long day in the city i cleared up my some parts of my room.because iam looking for a few special things since ages and i really can't found them. they are all disappeared.

my room is defently too small....well, and i possess too many things. hmm nya =D
i found my black 'nd pink cigarettes!

moi-même et les pirates


BUT i really dont smoke!, because it sucks ok? ^^ so be smart dont start! its terrible, expensice and not tasty!

NYAPPY part one ^___^ 

February 23 [Sat], 2008, 9:19

poor quality ne


everything is fine. in less then one month i will go to the ancafe concert *NYAPPY です!!*
kihihi ^^ マンバmeets アンティック ! so today i played around with my windows movie maker 'nd try to make a video for my myspace. finaly the upload doesnt works *buhuuu* but afer 3th try everything is ok.

and today i found a interesting person at mixi !

manasama the バ゛ンバ gal.

... oh my mana <'3

bai bai 'nd don't forget: be

NYAPPY ☆(✪ฺܫ✪ฺ)(✪ฺܫ✪ฺ)☆

sweet sweet sleep 

February 21 [Thu], 2008, 14:19

mhhh, iam sooo tired x_____x

ich glaube ich gehe heute

um 9 ins bettchen


February 16 [Sat], 2008, 6:03

today i bought THE H&M heart bag ! maybe you know what iam talking about ^^ and in my opinion i still think it really really looks like the "baby the stars shine bright" bag!!! so yeah iam very happy, 'cause the h&m bag is mine!! iam pretty shure that it will be sould out soon! * well i think so , we will see ^^*

bai bai

ps. morgen wird erstmal wieder im ocs gestöbert , letztes wochenende hatte ich ältere ausgaben der GLB entdeckt *__* ich hoffe sie sind noch da , drückt mir die daumen ^^

freshlook コンタクトレンズ 

February 11 [Mon], 2008, 6:24
without foundation, without lashes (looks really horrible ne), but with my new contact lenses

misty grey

my new "freshlook colors"


February 07 [Thu], 2008, 5:09
eat me, drink me

my dinner for this evening

with cream topping. it's never too much =D

small ショッピング of the day:

***new lashes*** powered by H&M

la la lala 

February 04 [Mon], 2008, 4:55
iam so ... in love .

my 愛. mmm.

mon amour 

February 03 [Sun], 2008, 1:50
la renaissance du ゴシック・ロリータ, partie deux. oh my! this friday my dress arrived!

my moitie <'3 iam so soo happy !!! the unpack was like a little ritual. and here's it is. my love:


モワ メ−ム モワティエ

my elegant ゴシック・ロリータ ジャンスカ <'3 im so in love with it, because it's my first one X))

au revoir

nice random post <3 

February 01 [Fri], 2008, 6:06
finally its quarter past nine and iam finished wih EVERYTHING! (>____<) *clap... clap... clap...*
i still stalking my tracking link all the time and looking since more than two days for my cam. *maybe under my bed, behind my cabinet... who knooows xD * ... (>//////<) so thats the reason for today why i have to use my webcam~ aww poor quality,vote for genuis- hoooo! xD

yestersay i compleded my new year plans * first one engRish of corse ... x'DD 'nd 日本語
<3 *surprise surprise* but of corse thats not all! (books 'nd so on<'3) but THIS time i will really try to make the mainpoints real.

haha its like how to start by the nice way ore something xD ^_________^V hmm yes this part fits, oh my .. x'D

okay sweeties iam going on with my super delicious dinner, then i will go to sleep, today its enough!

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