Blizzard Will Definitely Work On A Console Game

November 15 [Mon], 2010, 16:29
The company behind the smash hit MMO, World of Warcraft, has said it will “definitely” work on a console game in the future. Until now, Blizzard's three top franchises, Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft, have all been PC-only.
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his latest admission by Blizzard has sparked off hopes that gamers will see sequels to these games on consoles, but it's probably the biggest hint yet that the unannounced game currently in development by Blizzard will be cross-platform. Blizzard's unannounced game is known to be an MMO, and a new wow gold

For various reasons, MMOs have really leaned very heavily toward the role-playing camp, not the dungeon running camp. In almost every single MMO on the market, there is a lot of questing. There are elaborate story lines that unfold as players level up.

There are scripted sequences, chatty NPCs, and entire cities filled with vendors and townsfolk and auction houses and ports and zeppelin towers and banks and and trainers and other whatnot. Now consider a game like Diablo. Every town or city consisted of six people, and they weren't very chatty.

If you got a quest, it inevitably pointed you to the bottom level of a dungeon. You didn't craft anything, you didn't build a house and put trophies and furniture in it, and you certainly didn't bake anyone a pie.
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