If you figure out whether you're a single or double plane golfer

January 25 [Sat], 2014, 15:51
There's a controversial new theory in the golfing world that puts all golfers into アグ ブーツ two camps: those who make single plane swings and those who make double plane swings.In the book "The Plane Truth UGG ブーツ 正規品 For Golfers," Jim Hardy explains his golf swing theory and says that you can't mix the two. He claims that this is what messes up lots of golfer's swings. If you figure out whether you're a single or double plane golfer, you can make sure you don't mix them up.Basically, a one plane golf swinger brings the arms right across the chest when he swings, keeping his shoulders, his chest, his arms and the club on more or less one plane. A two plane swinger stands straighter and swings the arms so that the club goes up in an almost vertical way.To put it another way, one plane is the shoulders and one plane is the arms. When you swing for the golf ball, you have two choices; you can either keep your arms on the same "plane" as your shoulders, or you can swing them up higher, thus creating a second plane. And, the way you position your shoulders and arms in relation to the rest of your body has an effect on the whole swing, from address to impact.This is a very short description. After all, Jim Hardy wrote a whole book on the subject. An excerpt from the book was published as an article in Golf Digest Magazine in 2005 and it's stirred up more than a little controversial. If Hardy's swing theory is true, it would change the way we learn golf. It would mean that there are two sets of swing fundamentals rather than one.If the theory アグ サンダル holds true, it may explain why you aren't able to improve your swing. Maybe your golf instructor is a one-plane swinger and you're a two-plane swinger. A lot of Golf Digest's readers found the article to be an eye opener. For some, it solved the riddle of why the techniques they were learning didn't seem to improve their swing. Critics of the theory point out that if you analyze the pros you'll find that none of them are strictly one- or two-planers. Everbody has elements of both. According to Hardy's book, one-plane swingers tend to be more consistent with their shots. With two-plane swings, golfers have to raise their arms sometimes too high, and it can hurt their accuracy. Tiger Woods is considered a double swinger, and you can sometimes see how he has trouble with his consistency. Vijay Singh, on the other hand, is a one-plane swinger. If you look at how those two swing, you might get a better idea of what Hardy's plane theory means.Even if the theory is incomplete, it at least raises some questions. It's gotten golfers thinking more about planes in the last few years. More people will be looking into how the planes of your shoulders and arms affect your swing.By: Wade RobinsArticle Directory: can also find more information ongolf tips articles And best golf fitness. GetGoodAtGolf.com is a comprehensive resource golf enthusiast to improve their game through helpful tips and instructions.
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