buddy meal? -nah :/ 

2006年03月15日(水) 21時20分
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I swear it's the ugliest ever banner on Earth. No wait, the UNIVERSE.

Tiring day it was, splashing paints and glitters all over the place. Xiuwen and I were simply exhausted and we just threw all the paints and brushes and everything when we finished painting the oh-so-ugly banner. Nobody actually thinks that it looks nice and decent. oh wells, nobody dares to say it's not good ; well, I SAY IT:S UGLY xD and so is xiuwen

WHHHATTTEVERRRR -turns to xiuwen. HAHA =D And we discovered a person who adores acting cute today, at mr lim's shop. You would never guess that person hurhur [;

Cabbed to KFC [cus we were simply too lazy to walk !]. Wanted buddy's meal, but sad no coupons ! hahas. So we ate this pockett bene ... thingy. And it turned out to be a good choice, cus it tasted great (: Except that super thick skin thing which I dun really like. Anyways,

Arrived at Mr Lim's shop and started working on the concert stuffs. YEs, again. Everything's last minute. It's our tradition xD


2006年03月14日(火) 21時02分
How I wish somebody who is bestowed with some clever potion would kindly invent some machine which can automatically complete my whole pile of homework ! I swear that huge pile is already knocking me out already

Thurs to Sat is g-g-gone. So that leaves me only today [tonite more likely,] and tmr night, and SUNDAY to finish up all the homework. I really wonder who would be able to finish every single piece of homework when school starts :O

Banner painting tmr. Raaaaa, Im gonna be in my worst pair of socks & shoes, just in case I start paintg stuffs other than the banner ;[

Im looking forward to AMBience, but not the camp. Who knows, we might just get woken up at 1am and receive some you-know-what scoldings. That uhuhhuh.

That was random :D

Australian Silky Terriers are rare in the United States :[ 

2006年03月12日(日) 13時00分

I just found this picture really kewt =D

iTunes: Santa Monica - Savage Garden

Pure randomness today. I dun even know what Im doing. Haha. And it's really rare of me to listen to Savage Garden's songs, cus I've never really liked them. Been stuck to the teevee since I woke up at 10.30. Hoohoo. And now it's online :/ I wonder how much time I actually could afford to waste. Okay,

three major assignments I have to complete by the end of today ;

- History SEQ
- Chinese jian bao [Alrites, get it over and done with !]
- English Compre [I KNOW I have to get this done. ]

A Sunday morning without Electones makes me feel so empty ;[

Dinner at some Jap restuarant tonite. Simply yay-ness :D


2006年03月11日(土) 11時58分

Watching the Campus Superstar now. The one which Yiyuan got eliminated :( Sigh. But cant help admitting this, Yiyuan sang really lousily that day. He kinda spoiled the I Believe. It's such a nice song :D Ohyes, I LOVE ADRIANO ......

DE SONG ! Ok, I dun really like the person himself, but MY ANATA is such a superb song :)) It's so so so so kawaiiiiii =D

It's the start of the hols. No, I would rather say it's a period of time whereby we'll start mugging and furiously trying to finish the loads of loads of homework :p Teachers just use the hols as an excuse to give us more and more homework. There's simply no time to rest. Hah, and Junjie told Mrs Lim there's no time for us to even fall ill (:

Last day of schoool was so, erm, busy. X-country on thu was a total disaster lah. Haha, wad a use of vocab ! But yeah, x-country on thu and having to attend school on friday is totally, sigh. BUT,


Heh, you just cant help enjoying bio lessons when u're teacher is mrs lim (: Anyways, my class was simply whining to mrs lim bout how lousy and idiotic our form teacher is. About how she books us for ridiculously reasons, and using our testimonials to threaten us ! -.-" And we told her that mdm chan wanna go suan zhang with her bout releasing us late for her chinese lesson ! And Mrs Lim was like, WHAT? And we just continued to complain and complain. We said something like, NOBODY IN THIS SCHOOL LIKES THAT TEACHER LAH!

But wait,


Haha, you know who Im talking about. And my class simply burst into laughter :D

Oh yah. Mrs Lim's singing for AMBience IV (: Pls come supportttt :D Yaye !

AMBience IV ;
18Mar, Saturday
5pm, Tickets at $10

happy new year :D 

2006年01月27日(金) 17時53分
Raa, im too lazy to update. More tomorrow.

Alvin, so sorry but i think u're reading the wrong blog. go to my milk-yway.blogspot.com =D


2006年01月07日(土) 22時14分
L is for the way you look at me,
O is for the only one i see
V is very, very extraordinary,
E is even more than anyone that you adore
Can love, its all that i can give to you, love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it, take my heart but please don't break it
Love was made for me and youuuu :D

Oh yea, this song is so nice ! Xiuwen and I got very very high after band prac ytd and we irritated zanyu by singing this song AND our HAPPY WANDERER ! =D

I love to go a-wandering,
Along the mountain track,
And as I go, I love to sing,
My knapsack on my back.
Val-dera- HA HA HA HA HA (We so love this part !)
My knapsack on my back.

I love to wander by the stream
That dances in the sun,
So joyously it calls to me,
"Come! Join my happy song!"

I wave my hat to all I meet,
And they wave back to me,
And blackbirds call so loud and sweet
From ev'ry green wood tree.

High overhead, the skylarks wing,
They never rest at home
But just like me, they love to sing,
As o'er the world we roam.

Oh, may I go a-wandering
Until the day I die!
Oh, may I always laugh and sing,
Beneath God's clear blue sky!

Heh. Tanks to Xiuwen cus I copied both lyrics fr ya blog :/

First week of school's really tiring. ALL teachers are so, so, so demanding. Well, it all leads back to the new principal poh mun see. Hahah. I cant wait to finish up my physics hol homework

CCA Open house next week. Xiuwen and I gotta in charge of the deco and we wans it to be a success, like hopefully. It's my last CCA Open hse in anderson ... Time flies, Im sitting for damn o's at the end of this year. Like, sec 4? xp

... bye

band tee :) 

2006年01月01日(日) 22時21分
To seowhui, band tee designs at blogspot here. :D

amb-ians do check it out too and give me your comments yah. It's YOUR band tee =D

new curtains ! :D 

2006年01月01日(日) 13時49分
iTunes : LaLaLa Love Song / Long Vacation Theme Song.

Yaye, I managed to find it in my iTunes alr. Haha.

And just for your pleasure ! :

I've nothing better to blog about can. This pic is taken from good luck anyway. -turns to sherhan :D

My mom's making new curtains. Haha. She's good at such stuffs lah. So yeah, i'll get new curtains for the new year. Lalalala =D

And one last one (:

HELLO 2006 ! 

2006年01月01日(日) 1時39分

I keep hearing fireworks now, but I just cant see them ! My sis decides to pangseh me and just went to sleep without counting down with me. Hurhurs. We were tryin to SE just an hour ago, by watching shutter and this mummy documentary on discovery channel which I alr watched this afternoon. Haha.

SE stands for self entertainment anyways.

She decides not to go out to spite her boyfriend. So the two of us were SE-ing all the way this evening. Haha. We din feel like doing anything (:

I feel like listing down my new year resolutions :

1. Be more motivated to start studying
2. Do well for my o's (By hook or by crook!)
3. Pass my fundamentals! (Mission Impossible?)
4. Stop being childish
5. Make people happy
6. Never break promises (Like promising val to go for yingzhi's next party? =X)
7. Stay positive :D

Like im gonna keep to my resolutions or anything. It's just for show can.

Im still trying to SE =D

Once again, Happy 2006! * grinns .

/ pride =D 

2005年12月31日(土) 13時31分
Listening: I was Born to Love You / Pride Theme Song :D

AH. And I cant find my LaLaLa Love Song on my iTunes :( Somehow it just disappeared ...


Im feeling like really lousy now. My damn parents decide to keep me at home the whole of today. And it's new year's eve. /cries.

I knew i was into trouble for getting home at 7.30pm on tue. You may just think it's ridiculus (I think so too!), but that's the way my parents are.

IT'S TOO OFTEN they claimed.

Yeah, going out once a week is considered often. Maybe I can only go out everyday only when im like, what, 30? MAYBE /

I shall stick to watching my vcd for today then. To satisfy them.
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