so long no yap 

July 16 [Wed], 2008, 22:20
Lately life has been pretty much the same, day to day. I do some math, read, listen to music online, visit blogs, and read news. I've taken to cutting news articles out and pasting them in my journal for fun. XD

Three and a half more weeks until school begins. Unlike before, I don't dread it. Still, all this free time is spirit-lifting. Often I think, at least I don't have school tommorow. And this being sumer vacation, I can say this on more than the usual two days (friday and saturday). And it feels good. I feel free.

I rarely blog because I don't know what to write. I've started another blog somewhere but it's pretty much as inactive as this one. The thing is, i just don't know what to say. I COULD carry on about my day, but I'd rather do something more worthwhile than dictating my pretty much invariable actions day to day. XD

I have friends in Korea, summer school, and Canada, and one who is in pretty much the same situation I'm in except she procrastinates the summer reading a bit more than I do XD.

Recently I heard a Beijing Olympic opening song candidate (it participated in a contest). It's sung by 100 Chinese celebrities. I really like the song because the melody is nice and I like how the different voices sound together, especially the first four. The transition feels nice. And most of all, its melody and video are at least not generic.

I haven't done my math today. But I did watch Ratatouille on It was MUCH better than Kung Fu Panda. In the case of Kung Fu Panda, I had to chide myself to refrain from criticizing the film like a sour puss. I honestly enjoyed watching Ratatouille. It was less predictable and the plot was more developed.

Anyway, I am going to leave it at that because mom just came back and I should REALLY d some math. : D

Aw shucks. 

May 08 [Thu], 2008, 19:10
I didn't win the PRD writing contest that our English teacher entered us in a few months ago. One of my friends was published, and I'm happy for her. But I still wish it were me.

At least I'm getting published in the literary magazine. Right now I think my poetry is better than my prose. My prose just really sucks. I never get 90% on them, sadly. I'm also beginning to lose my vocabulary. Lately my brain has been blanking out a lot when I try to focus or recall information. I have difficulty putting what I know and understand into words and making my idea coherent. I also tend to drop the vocabulary words I pick up, unintentionally of course, which also sucks.

My grammar is getting worse as well. Damn me. =_=

Sometimes I write self revealing entries in my personal journal just to let it all out and feel better. Those are not intended to be read. But then there are SOME things that I do want to share with my friends that I put in there as well, and I don't know if I should write so much revealing things about myself anymore if I'm going to share the book with others. They say that they won't think anything of me but it's impossible for them not to, even if it's a little. I don't want my friends to know about the really bad side of me and the reason I really dislike myself because they will see me differently and maybe come to dislike me like I do. Still, where else will I let out my steam?

"Zhong guo, JIA YOU!" 

May 07 [Wed], 2008, 19:59

Shouts emanating from my left, right, front, and back, all cheering China on. Who said Chinese aren't spirited? When something really matters to them, like a Chinese Olympic torch relay through their city, I could swear that at least two thirds of Guangzhou was out there waiting and cheering. Some Indians and westerners came as well. I joined in on the cheering and waved to the buses. Unfortunately, I missed the torch runners.

The crowd was VERY hot and suffocating and people around me were always shoving, so it took some endurance to stand out there for two hours. But it was worth the sweat and the back pain because this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I got to support my country. All around me were Chinese in red caps, shirts, with Chinese flags imprinted on their face, as well as stickers, and waving Beijing 2008 Olympic and China flags. There were A LOT of people. A LOT. This was definitely the biggest crowd that I have ever been in.

I spend most of my time in the area around Grandview mall. To get there I passed an extraordinarily long line of Chinese. I noticed that many of them had red Chinese flag temporary tattoos on their faces. I wonder where they bought them?

Also the police were trying to keep people contained and out of the way, as well as out of the stadium. A lady tried to climb past the tape and the police scolded her to get back. They both sounded upset. All the police look upset, in fact. Like they're on a terrorist mission or something. Chill out dudes. I took some pictures but was disappointed to find that I forgot to bring my camera's memory card so I couldn't take too many. Bad luck. This is also why I've decided to write a journal entry on the event: so I'd have some form of memorandum(right word?) from today.

One of my friends originally wanted to promote Tibetan freedom but judging from the amount of China supporters out there today, I don't think she would have been very safe...So I'm glad she decided not to go.

I started my march near one of the stadium entrances. I followed the crowd all the way to where I ended up spending most of my Olympic torch waiting time: near Grandview. Getting in wasn't hard, but getting OUT was like trying to sail north when the wind is blowing south. At one point I was stuck, squashed (literally) between hot backs and shoulders. It's a real effort to move out with all those people in front of me. I'd squeeze in to any gap I can find and press forward.

While I was standing amongst the crowd, cheer and applause would spontaneously break out whenever a bus passed or a helicopter flew over us. They thought it was the torch. False alarms came again and again and again. People were like, "what's happening? I can't see anything!" I thought I was missing something as well.

I moved around during my wait because I don't like staying sedentary. After the bus passed my initial area and I flung my arms and cheered, I tried to leave since I was feeling really tired. Besides, it was about time that I resumed studying for my world history test on Friday. Getting out was nearly impossible. While I was stuck, I spotted a school-mate and said hi to him. He introduced me to his friend, who he said was "AISG boy". I didn't recognize him so I just stared and drawled out, "really...I've never seen him before." then uttered a hi. Maybe that was a little rude, but whatever, what's past is past. Next time I'll do better.

After I left the area around the stadium, the crowd dispersed and I could finally breathe in cool fresh air. When I came home, I heard some cheering outside and ran over to the window. A WHOLE SWARM OF PEOPLE WERE MARCHING ON THE ROAD INTERSECTION (see photo above). It was like the Asian exodus, just happier than the Jewish one, and there were great bursts of "ZHONG GUO, JIA YOU!" I recorded it.

I should be studying now. I really enjoyed the hot and tiring cheering!



April 28 [Mon], 2008, 18:15
Here are just some random pictures from various times...

More of Hawaii 

April 28 [Mon], 2008, 17:35

Pearl Harbor. Below where we stand is the debris of a wrecked ship.

This was where I lived.

Shifting through memories 

April 28 [Mon], 2008, 17:11
Arrived at my grandparent's place today. They have A LOT of pictures, including ones from I'll show some to you!

Me with two friends on International Day.

What I looked like a few months after coming back from Hawaii. Started school here by then.

Me and grandma in the bedroom. I have my uniform on.

H A W A I I !!

The lonely clown 

April 16 [Wed], 2008, 21:03
The Lonely Clown

In the town of Amity,
There resided a clown
He lived to spread glee
And toiled to erase frowns

He always painted a smile
On his white and powdery face
Though inside, he was quick to rile
But he hid this. If it showed, he’d be a disgrace.

The children won’t love a clown who’s down
The clown wanted to be their buddy
He painted red and white over his frown
The red paint thick and bloody

January, February, March, April, May
All went
The children grew older and more critical everyday
The clown grew tired, the children came to resent

And when he retired,
Out of the city he was sent
Lost the people who admired
Him because now he was bent

But what does he have now?
Nothing but a tired soul
And a furrowed brow
Because others’ laughter was his life’s only goal

Fun questionnaire 

April 11 [Fri], 2008, 20:59
IF I TAG YOU IF MEANS YOU HAVE TO DO IT! >8-D *tags and runs away*

If you could go forward in time or backwards in time - which would you choose?
Forwards. If I go backwards, I might dramatically alter something in my life now, and not necessarily in the good way.

Do you think your name says anything special about you? What name would you choose if you could name yourself? What meaning would you give it?
Not really. But if you take the first two letters of my English name and the first two letters of my last name you get.....ELLA, my English name. Freaky O_o;; I don't know what I would choose if I had to change my name. I would REALLY have to think about it. I mean, my current name is fine and I can't see myself with anything else.

What is your favorite color? What does it mean/symbolize to you?
It is either orange, yellow, or brown. I'd like to think orange represents one half of the inner me, brown represents the other half as well as how others perceive me, and yellow is just a nice color. =) It could represent happiness..

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? What would you do?
I would really like to be at Disneyland. While there, I would eat eat eat all the candy and sweets I can and go on all the mildly terrifying rides, while avoiding the giant Mickeys and Donalds. XD

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

If you had one way to help others, how would you?
Help them to be happy about life and all it has to offer, and help people to accept each other?

If you could be given any special gift/talent what would you choose?
super-intelligence XD

What words do you like the sound of or the way they are spelled?
(gets dictionary and starts flipping through it) Jacuzzi, jelly, cookies, coup de'tat,
naive, cliche, mocha, latte,jiggy, paradox...

What animal do you wish you could turn into for a day?
A dove, so I don't have to be shot or stared at while flying over everyone. I've always wanted to fly.

What is your favorite song? What makes it special to you?
Any song that I can relate to and has a good tune can be considered a favorite song.

If you could have a magical mirror that allowed you to see all of your wonderful attributes and helped you see your struggles as something to work on - how would you react?
Right on! That'd actually be pretty cool, so long as knowing my positive attributes doesn't make me too proud.


April 11 [Fri], 2008, 20:16
My friends are blog stalkers =w=;; I can't stop wondering how they seem to be able to find me wherever I go o__o;;;


Today I stayed afterschool making "pinatas" for International Day, which is tomorrow. I hope kids will want to play because we actually went through the trouble of MAKING the pinatas instead of just buying one. If we could have bought one, we would have though. I wonder why they don't sell pinatas here.

Only nine people (including me) turned up afterschool to help out. But that's pretty good considering that we don't have many people in the animal group anyway. XD I had to bring one of the two boxes of pinata home to dry. They're so colorful =w=

And while I'm showing you pictures, I may as well let you see what my new favorite plushie looks like : ) My dad bought her (because I have too many "it" and "he" plushies) for me when we visited Ikea a few weeks ago.

Thank God it is Friday. I am quite tired. Too bad tomorrow I still have to participate in International Day. If there's a chance for me to, I will take a look at some of the books that are being sold ^^

Okay. About my school day. In PE class we played Fort Knox and it was fun, besides the fact that I couldn't catch ANYONE unless they screwed up and tripped or something. But that is really sad. That I can't catch anyone no matter how fast I run. I can't even catch S(can't write name on internet XD)! All I can say is that he's not a fast runner (at least not compared to everyone else). Am I THAT slow? I come so close and nearly grab them when they burst into the safety zone. Dang you safety zone. You deprive me of time to redeem myself. =_=;; And two guys cheated, which just really GOT me. I know it's a game but I can't stand it when people cheat and pretend that nothing happened or go like..NOOOOOOO when it's obvious that they WERE caught.

Fidiots. =_=;;

English class was better. I got a 105% on my spelling quiz. And the teacher even commented, "That's more like it" Whoo ;-) I am happy. =w=

In Geometry, I helped one of my friends with her sonnet. It's really gangsta-style XP with "shawty" "bling-bling" "get muddy" and all that. I contributed the line "I want a girl sexy sweet like candy" Muaha. Go smexiness =D

My group revised our script during theater class. The Korean guys kept teasing this one guy about this girl who he is dating. They keep saying (insert girl's name) while grinning and imitating the girl (it looks like that. I'm not sure. I don't understand Korean). I don't even know who that girl is so it doesn't really matter whether or not I hear something. XD But anyway, THAT is part of the reason why I don't tell my friends about my crushes and stuff. XD The embarrassing teasing.....And after we were finished with editing the script, they played Pikachu volleyball XD I wonder how they were able to download the program without the computer monitors finding out...

And then school was over but I had to fulfill my "obligation" which was the R&S pinata making gathering.

Forest, apples, and pteradactyls 

March 27 [Thu], 2008, 22:54
Last night I had a dream. It was one of those random ones. It started out in a school cafeteria during lunch time. All I remember of the lunch is that I got a really sloppily made one with red sauce on it.

After lunch one of our teachers grouped us together to play a game (and I forgot what this was about as well) and once that was over, we went into a bathroom/changing room to get dressed in our normal attire (we wore PE clothing during the game).

The bathroom was one I had been in previously in a dream about swimming. I remember that when I was nearly finished, the door of my stall swung open and wouldn’t close again. The lock suddenly stopped working. Some seventh grade girls elected to hold the door for me but I decided to go to another stall to save them the trouble.

When we left the changing rooms, my friends and I rushed out into a forest. It happens that there is no more food there, except for grass and trees. All the fruits were gone. I faintly remember being told to listen for a pterodactyl (a green one for that matter, which is supposed to be beast boy from Teen Titans) and rush to where it is once its cry was heard. Meanwhile a friend and I walked about the forest looking desperately for food. This is completely random, but we passed a few angry-looking old ladies sitting by a tree. Finally my friend and I stopped by a tree and I begged that it give us some apples since we were really desperate.

It did.

First it gave us one or two, then half a dozen, and we would have received even more if we didn’t hear the pterodactyl cry. Gathering up a few of the apples (we left the rest so they could be decomposed by the soil and the seeds could grow into new apple trees) my friend and I hurried toward that pterodactyl. Everyone was already waiting for us. As we joined them, the two of us passed apples to everyone since everyone was pretty hungry, but the apples somehow became Eyewitness Discovery (they talk about science and history) books. The last thing I remember is standing in a circle with the books before being teleported away with my friends.
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