ev'rything's changing! 

July 28 [Mon], 2008, 5:01
Uh, gosh!
H O L i D a Y ! I'm so happy!
U've to know - Kai is a real asshole and his girlfriend sucks at all. She lives in Munich, in the south of Germany.
But I've got other bebiieh, for example Duc or Nuko D: I love u both, man!
In a few weeks, I go to hairstylist. Muko gets extensions! 60 cm!
Apropos Extensions - i brought a few new DVD's.
Ju-on; The Call; The Eye; Seance; EXTE; and... another cool horrorfilm! I REALLY LOVE THAT ASIAN HORROR STUFF! Ok, it's almost the same, everytime this fucking girls with lang black hair and the white skin... And the disgusting moves! But i love it. Can't get enough of them D:
Nuko visited me at weekend. Made a DVD-night. Was so funny, cause she was so scared and so on an bla!
Just when i woke up i said "I NEED MORE HORROR!" Next weekend, wie repeat that :]
(Watched Ju-on2, The Grudge 1+2, Shutter & Apartment! Didn't understand Apartment as well D:')
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Hayo, this is Muko My real name is Carla Schwarze and I'm from Germany! Visit my blog, baby.
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