At the Contest 

March 26 [Thu], 2009, 15:17
Hi=)) What's new

I went to curriculam contest today at Southeastern University.
Why I went to there, becasue I took a test to get a medal lol
My Algebra teacher recommended me so I could go there.

I had a lot of time untill I gotta take a test.
So while my free time, I was hanging out with my friends.
And also I was looking for the new friends. I made some friends at there.

Hmm, oh yeah I've met Florian and Jiye and Caroline=))
I was been long time. So I was excited to talk to them.

By the way Florian is my prom date

Also, I met two Japanese. they are living in my state.
So our conversation was a lot of fun.
Their names are Ryo and Yurie.
I was talking with them a little bit.

On the way to home I was sitting next to Molly on the bus.
Molly is the kaindest person in my school, I can tell you.
She asked me do you wanna come Bowling this Saturday.
So I will go to the Bowling this Saturday yay

Anyways it was really nice day to me.
One more day till weekend

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Hi, I'm Miki. I'm an exchange student from Japan. I live in America. I'll be here till June 30th, 2009.
My homestay life is the most precious time to me. I'm having a wonderful time.
I'm gonna write down about my American life and timely occurrences in here.
I want you to know about me:]
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