2008年02月24日(日) 20時13分
I almost broke up with Saku-chan.
Oh my gosh...I couldn't understand myself....Awwww

I got a fought with Bruna.
am not gonna write down everything happened between us.
cuz as you know, am lazy...hahahaha.....

I really trusted in her, she was my best friend to talk to everything.
I hoped and sured our friendship was really tie and never broke.
Thus, after that happened, I could hardly believe it,
It took a long time to digest everything.......

I cried

I was getting sick of having connection with somebody

I felt alone as if I was the only person to exist in a world.

I didn't want anything

just wanted to be alone

and the silliest thing is that I was afraid that saku-chan might leave.
To add to my loneliness and fearful I was about to leave my dear boyfriend!

How silly I was!



no matter happens, I always love him

am really looking forward to seeing him next month!

ice skating 

2008年02月23日(土) 21時36分
Ice skating daaaaay yey!

Andy came to my home to pick me up
and we went to UCF to practice driving.

today was hard cuz it was raining....
(am not making an excuse! hahaha)

guess what,
I drove on a rode...i was so nurvous. so was Andy! lol
but I guess I did pretty good. hehe :p

after that
we went Chick-fill-a to have a lunch together,

and we met other guys and went ice skating!

it was soo much fun.
amazing even though i didnt do well

Sean was taking care of me all the time!

Ohhh my gosh,
the very last, it was almost done,
when I was skating with Sean, I fall down!!!

I hit my hip very strongly, I couldnt get up right after i fall down!


after the skating

we went eat out! Mexican Food yey!

(this pic with Drew)

I had soo much fun

well, am gonna go bed cuz my back ache is killing me,


help...I barely sit down...

Vantage Point 

2008年02月23日(土) 0時04分

I got home just now, I went see a movie with my firends.
I wanted & supposed to see a 'Jumper' which is also came over in Japan.

but when we got there, this movie already started....C mon!
so we had no choice but to see another one: Vantage Point

I didnt expect u know, cuz I wanted to see Jumper.


That movie was awesome....

over my exectation!

this story goes like this:
An attempted assassination of the president is told from five different points.

This was such an amazing action (and funny?) movie!
One of the best that I have ever seen!

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time!
Well acted, well directed, well filmed!

the thing is that I understood Spanish a just little bit!
It's awesome, isnt it?

when Dennis Quaid (main character) was chasing the car,
he was clashed by the huge track by accident,
then track driver came and asked

Cual es tu nombre?

isnt it funny? huh?
he asked his NAME! in spanish
and I understood what he asked even though there was no subtitle!


cuz I always hang out with Spanish speakers...
so my spanish is improving? hahahaha

am gonna meet up Andy around 10am tomorrow morning,
I had better go bet right now or Im gonna over sleep again....

Good night!

very dull.... 

2008年02月22日(金) 18時21分
Well....I was supporsed to go to the Magic Kingdom today.
(Finally, I decided to go there, I changed my mind!)


When I woke up, I tottaly forgot what I was gonna do today,

my alarm clock went off....

I stopped it without thinking anything

and went back to sleep again....

my alarm clock went off again

I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face as usual.
but I was still in my dream and my brain didnt work yet.
when I saw the clock which was in my bathroom.

I suddenly wake up as if somebody hit my head, and...

Oh my gosh! I have to take a bus at 7am today!!

when I noticed, it was too late.


I was not able to go!

well....I didnt do on perpose, that was accident! haha

I called Catalina to tell what was goin on.

She yelled me out....a lot..
cuz she was really looking forward to going with me!
(we made a promise to go together last night!)


I spent my day doing nothing today.

well...I just finished one of my assigments which was the hardest.
but still I have a lot of assigments.

am gonna try to finish up all my assigments the rest of my day...

cuz I might go ice-skating tomorrow with Andy and Drew or someone like that.
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