Happy sweet Aiden's birthday 

December 07 [Fri], 2007, 12:06
Happy Birthday Aiden

2 years old already...! time flies.
I miss you. please remember about me.
I am sorry I'm not sending any card not gift to you.
but i bet you already got plenty...haha
so i give you many kinds of cakes here!

this is always the best piture of you which I took.

hope you guys all well! my sweet host family in the states.

Kyoto trip 

November 12 [Mon], 2007, 3:27
Since someone encouraged me to update blog...
I am writing it. this is for you, Juwen haha.

In the first week of this month,sarah visited Japan for
sight seeing and seeing friends.
She stayed in my house first, and we made a trip
to Kyoto for 3days. We met up with Haruka there
and hang out together.

pictures of Kyoto....

金閣寺 kinkaku-ji (golden temple)
see the reflection in the water! like a mirror....

清水寺 Kiyomizu-dera kiyomizu-temple
this temple is located on the top of a mountain and
famous for a stage in the back ground because it is
so scarely when you look down bottom of the valley
from the stage, and there is a famous metaphor that
when you need a lot of courage to do something,
you feel as if jumping out of Kiyomizu's stage...

高台寺 Kodai-ji Kodai-temple
in the season of colored leaves, many temples open till
late night and light up around the temples.
Isn't it so pretty??

舞子 Maiko ( young version of Geisha)
We were soo lucky to happen to see real Maiko near
a temple. It was my first time to see one.
We thoght they were not Geisha...because they looked
young so Maiko maybe.
They were so gentle, graceful...I don't know a good
term for them in English.

parfait from 都路里 (tsujiri)
This is a best food in Kyoto. if you go to Kyoto, eat one!

Did these pictures make you want to visit Kyoto??
this is the best city to visit in Japan. I love it.

Furisode Finally. 

September 23 [Sun], 2007, 20:47

I finally got a chance to wear Furisode
( a Japanese traditinal women't cloth)

It is a Japanese custom that girls wear it and go
to a coming of age day at the age of 20.
( boys usually wear western style suits)

But I was in the state when I was 20, so I missed
the ceremony and didn't have a chance to
wear it....

I am already 21 but, whatever! I finally wore it!

My favorite place for now 

June 14 [Thu], 2007, 19:28
Hello there!!!

isn't it so cool??? It is one of the entrances
to go to a shrine. 202 steps

I am now getting a driver's licence in
Shiogama-cityin Miyagi prefecture.
I am taking two weeks program and
hopefull I will graduate from the school on 19th, and
I can driver a car after taking a exam.
So far I think I am a good driver...but it still scare me
a lot when I am driving on the roads even though
there is always a teacher sitting next to me.

I'm staying in a hotel near the school and a teacher
come to pick me up and drive me home everyday,
and I can eat in a restaurant in the hotel which is
really good...so,, I am having a lot of fun here!

The most favorite thing about this city is a shrine
which is close from the hotel, called
It is very old and magestic shrine.
I fell in love with this shrine. It is so cool.
I visit there whenever I have time.

For a long time, Shiogama-shrine has been cherised
and treated as sacred place by people here.
It has been belived that the shrine protec poeple
from disasters and any other bad affairs.

another entrance

I like this place. Trees on the sides are
making the pass so pretty.

main building in the shrine. people throw some money
into a box outside the building and make a wish to
the god in the shrine.

Hong Kong 

June 02 [Sat], 2007, 17:06
Long time no write here again!!!

I went to Hong Kong from 23rd to 10th in May.
I have some friends from HK who I met in Beloit,
so I was seeing them there...and lots of tourist stuffs!

I was staying in Sarah's place. I met her in Beloit too
but she was in Beloit just for a semester, so it was
for the first time we met again in 4months!
It was nice to see her. And it was great to meet
Sarah's parents. It was very nice of them to have
me in thier place!

I had lot of fun everyday with Sarah.
Almost everyday we got up around
noon, and eat luch somewhere and go sight seeing.
My favorite thing in Hong Kong is night view.
It was one of the best night view I've ever seen.
It was very blight and gorgeous.

I also met other people from Beloit. Matt, Sherry and Harri.
We had dinner together and hang out at one night.

I stayed in Harri's place for a night.
She is my host family's ex-host student two years before
I was in Beloit. So I met her when she was visiting Beloit
last winter. She invited me to stay in her place for a night
and took me some interesting places with her boy friend Alex.
They were so nice and I had really good time with them.

On my last day in Hong Kong, I went to Macau with Sarah and
Sarah's mam. Macau used to be a Portugal's territory and
returned to China. And now it is a special administration
district of China, like Hong Kong. They are like different
countries and actually people are required to show passport
when they go to one place from the other.
(I forgot my passport and noticed that in the ferry place....
Sarah's dad came to bring it all the way from home..it took
like 30mins) so sorry and thanks..


May 16 [Wed], 2007, 0:56
Miki is home...Miki is in JAPAN

I got back to Japan today....
I got so many memories in the US...I need to write
here again soon!!!

but,,,oh well for today, I'm gonna just put some
pictures which I took today...

Tokyo Tower (from the bus)

my dinner today Yay

I'm loving JAPAN, but missing Beloit and YOU!

Off campus 

May 09 [Wed], 2007, 9:31
I will go back to Japan in 6 days! I'm staying in my
host family's house...enjoying my last moments in the states.

pretty flowers!!!

I played with Aiden outside for a little bit.

bird's nest with four blue eggs in a pine tree in the yard

dogs in the neighborhood

In the afternoon, I went to see Spiderman 3 with
Haruka, Mark, and Nathan. ( They came to pick me up
at my host family's house..! ) Mark figured out where
it is just by address..I'm really appriciated!
Thank you Mark~ you are awesome~

The movie was good. I love spider man!! my favorite movie.
And It was so cool there was nobody in the theater except
us. I've never been to such a empty theater!
I really enjoyed it though!

After coming back to the house from the movie, I ate
Chicago style pizza for the first time!
It's so thick,,,,and good!

(hey mam I know what you are gonna say....
I gained weight because I am eating many of those
but you know, I need to experience new stuffs)

Before I came to the states, I thought there is no
good food. But actually, America has some good
stuffs,,,,Pizzas, sandwitches, and ice creams are
much better than ones in Japan.
(Still, I love Japanese food best though..I miss
it so much)


May 08 [Tue], 2007, 7:35
Since I didn't write here for some weeks til yesterday,
I'm gonna just put pictures which I took during that time

When I came over my host family's house the other day,
we had a bon fire in the back yard,,,by using
dried X'mas tree
from the last X'mas!


Afterit was so cool!! I never imagined
we can enjoy X'mas tree even 5 months after
Xmas!!! haha

on campus,,,
the way to the Art studio

Art studio
(Yukiko and I loved art class because the teacher is so cute!)

we were taking intro to Drawing and design,
and we were using the same class room as some
other art classes...including figure drawing!
they always draw nude model and we could see
their works because they left them in a room all the time.
It was interersting haha

last minutes in Beloit 

May 07 [Mon], 2007, 13:42
oh my gosh, I haven't written here for a long time...lazy..
well, today I moved out the dorm to my host family's house.

It is sad...I already miss the college.
especially people.I wrote a lot of cards to my
friends and took pictures with them.
When I saw them last time today, I didn't
feel sad, but now I truely realized I can't see them
for a long time from now and I finally became sad.

I think I have already experienced l
ots of same situations
in my life. When I graduated from jr high and high school.
I was sad becasue I knew I would not see
poeple as often as I did before.

But this time, the situation is a bit different and more
serious....here is not Japan. If I am in Japan,
It is much more difficult to see my friends in the US
than I see my friends from high school.

I may not see many people again in my life.
distance.....12 hours flight.
But,still, I would like to say that, if I wish I want to see
them badly, I can do that. I will see them again!

And you know, the technology helps us to keep in touch.
I have facebook, e-mail, and of course I can write
letters to them. So, yeah let's don't be sad.
I love them and I will see them again!!

thanks a lot ...people in Aldrich,
international friends,
and many other my cool friends!

farewell ceremony
for exchange students

to the Real world 

April 26 [Thu], 2007, 13:03
The year is almost over. I'm leaving here soon...
in less than 3 weeks.

I'm excited about going home, but not about leaving Beloit.

I don't want to leave here, but I have to, becuase I need to
go back to my real life in Japan. I can't escape from it.
I need to be there at least for another some years.
I need to graduate from my home university, and get job
in Japan, and work....

I came here as an exchange student. It's a rule to go back
to Japan after a year of study.
I got to go back to my home, and live there again.
And actually I want to go home.

It's really mix of the feelings. Something like when
I graduated from my high school. I was sad to leave
the school, but excited about new life. Or when
I left Japan, I missed poeple back home but
really excited the life in US.

So It's something what people have to pass through many
time in their lives.

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