Entry #9 

2010年01月05日(火) 22時35分

So, I haven't updated in like forever? I have excuses though, although if it is valid or not... well, this evil thing called 'Final Examinations' came up, and then even though term 1 was over, I was supposed to go to Cambodia for an OCIP rip, but ended up not going due to extenuating reasons (a.k.a. my mom decided that it was decidedly not-safe to go and hence I was pulled at last minute), then I went to Hong Kong, a trip that I almost did not manage to make, and then there was my cousin's wedding which was great fun, followed by the dreaded new year (I absolutely DETEST new years) and now school has started again.

With regards to my previous update, New Moon was not worse that Twilight, in fact it was a bit better, which is telling since RobPat was hardly in the film (I think he kind of sucks at acting but maybe that's just me). Perhaps it was also because Taylor Lautner beefed up and looked really good....

Anyway, my Hong Kong trip was much fun haha definitely going back again, this year or maybe next year. Bought a pair of boots at $30, a price you can hardly find in Singapore. Bought a bunch of other stuff too, including a new kate spade bag, and a new Agnes B pen.

Oh, and in the attempt of making more $$ before my next holiday, I started giving a kid piano classes. Which is fine and dandy except she doesn't seem to have much interest. Anyway, I expect to be able to have about a $1000 spare cash by October if all goes according to plan....

On the other hand, I expect this term to be horribly... brain-straining. If there even is such a term. Which I highly doubt, but whatever. I mean, I'm taking Business Law. The first class already had my brain running in circles, and it so doesn't help that the rest of the class seems like they've a vested interest in the topic (i.e. they are good, oh God help me). Here's going to hoping that Statistics is not that tough.... I only have 2 projects this term though, so hooray.

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