Dear, My awesome sister 

June 15 [Wed], 2005, 6:01
Dear my sister, Charlotte
You know what? I really don't know what I have to say to you now. I really can't believe this situation now... I'll go back Japan this weekend...
Thanks you so much, charlotte, to be a my awesome sister. We were always tpgether, didn't we? You always helped me, I was so glad about your all kindness...
I'll miss you a lot, charlotte. I can't believe that my life without you!
Today I began to packing my stuff in my suitcase, and you said,
"I really din't like to see it, miho! You should trow it away right now!"
Year, you are right, I really want to do that... but you know what?
I can't do that.
Charlotte, I love you a lot. I don't want to leave you, I wanna stay w/you forever...
Well, I think we should graduate young kids now, don't you think? We should be a more older...
I'll miss you, my sister. Thanks you for everything!
Your little japanese sister,
Love/ MIhoso

Last week 

June 15 [Wed], 2005, 4:39
I can't believe this situation... only 3days left? Wow... so sad...
I can't leave here, I can't leave from my host family, and friends!!
Please, please give me more time to stay here...

Girls camp 

June 11 [Sat], 2005, 12:36
Hey! How are you doing today?? Well, I just came back from Girls camp today. It was so much fun!!! It was like... Labo camp! lol I love to go to camp
Well, I wanna talk about this camp, it was by our stake curch's camp, so everyone have a religion...(But I'm not!) Actually, I didn't care about that point, because this camp has lots of friends who have religion. I love to hang out w/them They are my treasurers!!! lol
Yesterday, we made a frame which has our treasurers. I puted my friends pics, because they are my treasurers I love them tons...!
Anyway, you know what was my favorite part of this camp?? FOOD!!! Of course! lol Food was really good...ummmm!!! I loved dinner time, especially I wanna go back camp so bad!!! lol
Have a good day! Adios

Dear my friends
I'm so glad to go to Girls camp w/your guys!
Thanks a lots Love you tons
Love Mihorin

Last day of school NO 2 

June 07 [Tue], 2005, 4:17
School was over, you know. I feel very sad... but it ok. I can keep in touch w/my awesome friends!!! I'll miss them so hard...
Anyway, last day of school was kinda crazy day. We had an assembly, and guess what! I got 5awards!!! lol From English, spanish, biology, drama and art. I was so happy about it! Everyone was surprised about it! lol Anyway, after that, we had to check out, out we had enough time untill it, so I just hang out w/my friends... it was kinda fun! We were drawing pics! Also, I helped work for graduation. So, I could say good bye to Trevor!!! lol He is hottest guy ever... Love yaAnyway, at lunch, it was fun! We got BBQ lunch! Teachers made it for us. Thanx! It was good. After lunch, we hang out at outside and common area, and sigh in YEAR BOOK!!! It was fun. Actually, I didn't got my froneds' sigh in my year book, but their sweet messages are in my notebook. I think we spend for this stuff about 1-2h!!! Holy cow! lol But it was so much fun
At night, I went to graduation. It was awesome! I like American graduation! So nice... I wanna graduate like them!!! lol My all senior friends were graduated... kinda sad, but it ok. I hope they'll have a bright future w/their GCHS memories!
Anyway! My summer break is getting so much fun! I'll go to girls camp tomorrow to friday! I'm so excited! Now, g2g. Adios

Last day of school! 

June 03 [Fri], 2005, 2:20
Guess what! Today was last day of school... it was so fast...
Actually, I can't believe it, don't you think? No more sad
I'll miss your guys, and love you a lot
I love my friends, teachers, and of course, GCHS
Tonight we'll have a graduation. I'll go! I wanna meet my senior friendss
Thanks you for many memories, I'm so glad to come this school
Thanks a lot.

Final exams! 

June 01 [Wed], 2005, 11:01
Actually, I need to study so hard for my tests, but...I can't... you know, I'm a lazy bump! lol I need someone's help!!!
But when my finals are finish, I can be free, kind of! So excitedSo, after finish this dialy, I'll go back to study! Good luck for Miholol
School...two more days! So bad! Graduation will be on Thursday... I'll go, because I wanna say good bye to my senior friendsI'll be cry so hard!!! (Like a baby)
Anyway, anyway, anyway... you know what? Today I got my Prom class pic! I'm so excitedMy new memoryBut my 40%of face is coverd with my friend's face... not nice...and it was only But, I don't careBecause I'm a HAPPY GP LUCKY princess
Anyway! Have a nice day! Adios amilos


May 31 [Tue], 2005, 9:36
School is almost over!
ONLY 3days left!
What' Do you think about it??
I can't believe it!
OMG... I don't wanna go back JPN so bad...


May 27 [Fri], 2005, 4:51
Today was happy day I wanna sing a song so badlol
This morning' I helped to my friends to make a world history class' movie.It was fun! Mr. Adams gave me a Granma's cookie to me Thanks Mr. Adams! Luv U Anyway, the boys whose I helped, were going to make a movie about "World war 2", and their topis was about Hiroshima's dinamait event... I think these boys were doing really good! I really enjoyed to be a part of the movie w/them Oh, I need to tell you what I did in the movie, well, I just spoke randam Japanese front of News caster, and transrater said, "Come down!" I was so mad... Anyway, after to take a video, we watched it at the class w/ Mr. Adams. We laughed so hard... Awesome!!! I think our movie is greatest movie Thanks guys
Anyway, yesterday's my biology test was good. Mr. Hren said, "Good job, Miho!", when he hand it to me. I was happy
English was... nothin' just we took Practice final You know what? It has 160 questions!!! Too many... I gave up w/my friends 40mins passed from begining... Anyway, I can do it as a my HW!!! Hey! lol So, I ate cookies w/my friends... because we were hungry But these were my cookies, Malia!!! lol
Art was funI like this class so bad... maybe my friends... Trevor is weird guy, I guess... but he is cutelol I made a communication w/him today! lol We didn't talk for a while, so it was good I draw a picture w/ Preston and Arlon. Fun, fun, funI love these boys so hard I can't wait for tomorrow!!! My favorite class But you know what, if I talked w/ these guys lots, I can't finish up my picture!!! Oh men... difficult decision
School is only 4days! SadSenior will be leave school tomorrow!

Thanks, guys 

May 26 [Thu], 2005, 5:06
ONLY 5days!!! I can go to school ONLY 5days!!!
WHat's should I do?? Someone tell me!!! So sad, so bad, so...
I thought he doesn't like me, but I could talked w/him yesterday. I thought she doesn't like me, but she gave me a smile when we passed each other. Actually, most of students know about me, I haven't yet to talk all students in our school, but I know most of students' face, and I know they are good students.
I'm very glad to come this school, so far.I'm having lots of friends.
Today, me and Ricky tried to make Malia crazy, and we did pretty well. I like my English class, because everyone are there, and all students are from our 1st tri, all same members. (espect only 2boys aren't in our class). I think we looks like spending a year together, or more longer. I like them so far. Of course my favorite class, my art class too. Today Andrew gave me a lots of hug. I really don't know why he gave me hugs, but it makes me happy. Thanks, soccer boy. You should be a good soccer player, ok??
I'm a not "Okashii-hito", Preston, it since last tri, doesn't it? If I am a stupid, you'll be a stupid too. But I'm so glad to became a close w/you. We'll go to shouting before I go back Japan, aren't we?
I like school, I like my friends. Thanks for many good memories. These are my treasure. I'll never forget.

Busy, busy, busy!!! 

May 25 [Wed], 2005, 5:16
!No me gusta un examen para nada! I hate tests!!! !No quiero! I don't want to take them anomore...
This morning, I took my college class' "Final"... I have no idea, but I did do my best... no more college classThis mean... I can sleep in every daySo awesome!!! lol But I'll wake as usual, because I want to attent EMS(early morning seminary) My friends
Anyway!!! Biology... I hate this class, I mean tests... tomorrow we'll have a test, and also thursday and friday too!!! Also, we'll have a final on next wednesday... I'll die...Actually, I like this class expect NO tests Oh men... help me, Malia... you'll save my life, I think...
Anyway, today's art class was fun !Me gusta!I chould talk w/ HIMlol Maybe I can hang out w/him before I go back Japan!!! I'm kinda excited "Okashii-Hito"Love ya
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