several of his son in order to fight

May 28 [Tue], 2013, 16:01
* * * Wu Hu River Amu Darya,Outlet Oakley Juliet, drugs kill River SYR Darya South and the North West into the Aral Sea, the clip is the river area, Datang peak powers once extended to here before, now the river region is the peach stone Khan's territory, and peach stone Khan country in fact has become a subsidiary of the country {/// Book upload} Searl column Empire had not from China Merchants arrived in Samarkand, the river house, Li Xiangxian from the Central Plains to bring their silk and tea, by the local people warmly pursued Li Xiangxian little to sell some, continued to downstream to the Khorasan towards south and West Wu Hu river is small huacizimu, Li Xiangxian they are from across the Wuxu River, across the river to the southwest shortly before the trip, is to enter the territory of Khorasan and now Khorasan is Searl Searl column column Empire imperial ruler called Sultan, Sultan the word regent, and the kings of the East and the West King of capital at Baghdad has very strong Abbas Dynasty, also is defeated Gao Xianzhi's black water in Da Ross, now has been the basic Searl column Empire replaced Abbas Dynasty Khalifa still live in Baghdad, but now he is only a symbol of the master rune,Oakley Lifestyle Online, and a small tribe in Sultan Regent hand Searl column empire from the drug to kill the river, developed into a flourishing Empire, time is not long, is also from Song Renzong's 1041 1041 start now it also has the sign gradually the downfall four years ago, the last Sultan sand after the death of Malik, several of his son in order to fight for the throne, fought endlessly, Searl column Empire powerful now be split, smoke everywhere in Khorasan, the right hand Huang Yong advised Li Xiangxian back because I heard that the Khorasan now was the third son of Malik Shah Sanjall. The closures in Khorasan region, his brother Nizard was against Sanjall Khorasan is Searl column empire from the south of the gamma S è, snatched the Empire, now use s è Nitti country to take advantage of Searl column internal strife, weight regain rich Khorasan, therefore also sent troops to attack Sanjall Sanjall now on both sides by the enemy, be placed in jeopardy this time into Khorasan situation it is too dangerous but several thousand miles journey has come to here and how willing to give up Li Xiangxian? Starting from Xining, they were nearly a hundred people, and now only 40 people, Li Xiangxian bite grit one's teeth, to continue to advance the day from Khorasan region of southwest city of wood Lucheng probably tens of miles, faintly heard over the mountain came to kill sound * * * Li Xiangxian bubble! Book Chima rushed up the mountain slope looked, grassland the vast see mountain, thousands of soldiers are fighting, a black methylene a month's Tsing Yi, a Damascus machete, riding tall Arabia horse, dozen unusually fierce; but they are too few in number, are another siege, Zuo Chongyou sudden, sharp Damascus machete waving wildly, the dust was constantly, while the other side yellow silver a turbaned,Air Jordan New School UK, under the banner of blue eagle flag, the number several times, is also a sharp machete, being on the Middle Banner month flag team encirclement forced to kill, the peripheral people to bow to diffuse sh è, killing scene let the sun seems dark and go from the battlefield - >
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