my fucking earing fell out 

November 05 [Wed], 2008, 10:46
i paid $15 for my carltilege peircing (which hurt like a bitch) and the earing fell out during school and the hole closed.

luckily, the person who did it said that they'd repeirce it for free.
but it hurts sooo fucking much, i don't know what i should do.
><;;; i hate pain so much.

eh, i'll let it heal completely then see what happends. i still paid for it, so they'll do it whenever i make it official so it's all good.


now i have to go clean the dried blood.

on a lighter note, i feel like such a slut.
zia and i like made out for fucking 10 minutes on his bedroom floor.
his "payment" for doing all those push ups and crunches i made him do.
it's his fault...he wants the muscles.

i'm soooo sleeeepy!!!!!!
i nearly fell asleep in D-block history.
my teacher woke me up with this obnoxiously loud voice. *grumbles*

and it's like only 8:44pm and i want to hit the sack.
i think i'll finish my work soon and like sleeep.
because this isn't good. i can't sleep in class.
no matter how boering.

speaking of boering.
for once Japanese was unbearable.
it was really weird.
i hated class today.

i think i'm loosing my mind.
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