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2012年04月06日(金) 3時34分
不斷的重複這問題… 我還在說﹕決定以後都唔搵佢,唔理佢啦,如果佢唔搵我既話!
在怨氣湧出之際,電話傳來了what's app 鈴聲,
浮現在眼中的字句竟然是 ― 「想睇志明與春嬌」


2011年03月14日(月) 21時26分
Ocean, can be beautiful.
Ocean, can safe much marine life.
Ocean, can let the ship navigate over the sea.
Ocean, can hurt life either....
When ocean were unhappy, she will become Tsunami.
Then, to damage the life by Tsunami .....

The 2 day before, I heard the news about japanese Earthquake.
It caused the height 10 meters of Tsunami.
Many local people can't avoid this disaster.
It also happen fire, leakage of nuclear.
They lose their house, their property and their family.
More seriously, they lose their life.

Hence, we can't look down the strenght of nature.
Nature isn't fair. Because it is varied.
Rain, lightning, snow, rainbow, mist, northern lights
Earthquake, volcanic eruptions, typhoon, drought
However, god try to give us fair.
Somewhere will happen but somewhere will not happen.
I think Hong Kong is a peace place. Why?
It havn't a big disaster and special view (e.g. snow)
I never see the snow... I wanna see it, desire it
Actually, Hong Kong is a blessed.
So I'm glad to born on Hong Kong ...

This Earthquake event, we can see that japanese people help each other.
They also rescued other people even risk their lives.
This atmosphere is different than our country - China [Shameful]

Let's pray to Japan. Wish they find happiness for each person and let's the past away.

If I hv the opportunity, I will travel to Japan :) :) :)

The following passages make me laugh :
What difference chinese earthquake and Japanese earthquake?
japanese's school is the safest.
But, Chinese's school collapse first.
This is our great motherland !

2.  (已知日本今次地震有免費汽水售賣機供給災民使用)
(Given that japanese of someone provide free
Soda vending machines to give victims.)

If Earthguake happen in China, someone will provide
free Soda vending machines to give victims.
Chinese people - how will use it?
Free Soda vending machines will move it to home by someone.
Certainly, selfishness belong to China !


2011年03月08日(火) 23時55分
Today, I watched the SEASON OF THE WITCH at Lamgham place wiv Poyin.
I never thought that I would go out with her when I'm after school. In fact, this
movies is nt very horrified. THERE ARE MONSTER BUT NOT WITCH. I think
that it is ... Ummmmm ... But still stimulate. Then, we went to Satay King to hv
dinner. Yummi! Only 2 people order over than 6 dishes! Hey, How to keep fit???
Although we are no see each other for long time but we are also friendly!

BTW, I watched Black Swan last friday wiv Bo. Waoh... Excellent movie! I
recommend! So elegant n nervous!Actress plays the role to have Mental
illness, Seems like I hv the same feelings ....


2011年03月07日(月) 23時55分
I escaped management lesson in this morning. But, I went to school at 4p.m.
So sleepy! Im afriad that my mangement examination will fail. Damn it.
Go to hell.

Sai said many secrets for us while we sang K after skl. Haha, I never thought
that Nike boy is 17! He is so handsome, strong and tall. His face doesnt look
like 17. I though he should be over than 20 years old. Extremely surprised.
Thats a bad new for Tami, She had broken down. I just laugh all time!Then my
voice grows to worse. Whats up!

Chinese proverb: 人不可貌相


2011年03月03日(木) 1時32分
I'm confused whether it is work, school, friends, attitude, or financial
management. Even the best efforts still nt gd enough. So pessimistic. Cheer!
I'll be OK!
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