Canada day! ^^ 

2007年07月18日(水) 9時04分
My keyboard sucks and wont let my type in Japanese at the momnet! >o< Its one lucky keyboard though cause if it had a name and I was Kira it would so go in the Death Note!

So this is about 16 days late but oh well!


haha I didn't forget I just was too lazy to write a journal entry.


For Canada day I went to see fireworks with watashino tomodachi!
ah, totemo subarashii desu!

The fireworks were set off from the middle of the harbour. ^_^

Here are some pictures I took...

This one I think could be a fake UFO picture! >D

It was really hard taking pictures...

totemo muzukashi desu!!

By the time the picture took sometimes the firework would be gone. I then realized it was pretty not to have my flash on. heh ^^;;

Hello! ^__^ 

2007年04月09日(月) 5時18分
This is just a Journal I am planing to use in the future for when I go to Japan!

Please look forward to what I can only imagine will be very interesting Journals.

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