Get your omn way of MB5-858 certification

March 07 [Wed], 2012, 9:55
I have been in bad relationship with my daughter for almost 2 month. It's very hard to express my feeling, and I don't know how can I apologize to her!

I am a college teacher, it's clear to me that 2 month ago, one of my students came to ask me whether it's a wise choice to get a IT certification, which made me think of my 26 years old daughter, who is still an assistant to a department manager.

I suggested her to take the Microsoft MB5-858 exam with the words my student said to me. After a long time talking, she agreed, do you know how happy I was! About 2 days later, my student decided to attend a training class, so I made up my mind to prepare all the things for my daughter. But when I came to tell her that she should to attend the class at night to study the materials, she argued with me! A surprise turned out to be a suffering for me!

1.You are planning a project and find that stakeholders often have varying objectives and
requirements.This makes it difficult for you to summarize a plan in a way that all objectives will be
identified or known inadvance. Your customer communicates that they expect their business priorities to
change. You are certainthat this will be a single site implementation requiring specific features and
complex customizations. Whichimplementation approach is suitable for the project?
A. Standard Project Type
B. Agile Project Project Type
C. Enterprise Project Type
D. Rapid Project Project Type

Answer: B


2.You are about to roll-out a new Microsoft Dynamics implementation with no customizations and
verylimited data migration. Which activities should you plan for in the Deployment phase? Choose the 2
A. Conduct User Training
B. Finalize Configuration/Setup
C. Transition to Support
D. Go-live

Answer: A D

My naughty guys with their MB5-858 exam

She didn't follow my arrangement, instead she bought the study materials on a website seems like this. I cannot understand her wasting of money! As you know, the expense for the training class is really expensive, she had wasted the working I did for her, it's very upset to me and I was no longer to talking to her from then on.

Compared with my student, she was living a easier life for preparing for the exam, I was disappointed about her attitude and felt that she didn't do it by heart, so our relationship was worse than before. Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations

However, last week she passed the exam with the passing score 98%, on the contrary, my student failed! I still can't understand for their preparation and the result till yesterday, my student came to tell me that dunps is a website which is professional on providing study materials for IT Certifications, it provides the least quantity of questions but the best quality, which is no need for the learners to study very hard.

I have recognized my mistakes, but I don't know how to change the relationships between my daughter and me! Can anyone help me? MB5-858 Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations
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