The Under Armour the four seasons degree accomplishment soars to lead stock price to soar to answer criticism an analyst to collectively see a thin expectation

November 18 [Fri], 2016, 15:58

is a world to exercise one of the tycoons' Under Armour , when today's sports brand triumvirate tripod signs now, is collectively seen thins short-term prospect by the analyst because the stock price ascends a crest in September, lasts year, send out the four seasons recently degree wealth report, give analyst malicious to beat one face.

because the above-mentioned analyst collectively sees thin short-term prospect, but cause stock price's tumbling 35.3%, the reason is an analyst to think Under Armour runs off in quota in the ladys' wear market, American mainland growth slows down and the open winter influences sale, but Under Armour sent out yesterday of wealth report suggests, all the year round degree income and earnings of the super expectation the growth all inject a cardiac for past four months extremely weak stock price trend and caused the Thursday urgently rise before the dish more than 12%.

but the detailed wealth number off according to suggest, the shoe sale almost turns over times, at the same time international market and electronic commerce excellent performance push, the income greatly increases 30.8% yearly and increases to soon contrast three quarters ago 20% of degree+was fast to fiercely increase, but the same period income is more increased into USD 1,170,700,000 by last a year of USD 895,200,000, the better than market expects of USD 1,120,000,000.

Under the Armour the four seasons degree carry out smooth USD 105,600,000 of net profit and increase 20.4% yearly, the each stand thin income increases into USD 0.48 from USD 0.40 in the year before same period and excels USD 0.46 of expectation in the market, and this is the group the degree the income and earnings double the double the better than market expectation continuously for the ninth quarters.

however the four seasons degree the gross profit rate show Zhao constringency and descend from 49.9% in the year before same period to 48.0%, the group means shoe that the promoting of sale causes and sells the change of the combination and the influence of pre-eminent U.S. dollar and weakened a gross profit rate all.

is influenced by benefit good news, Under Amour the stock price is Gao Kai's 15.9% on Thursday, the dish rise has already once extended into 20%+.