Attracting Butterflies Through Landscaping

June 07 [Thu], 2012, 18:15
Butterflies are amongst the most beautiful creatures in the world. So bright of hue, so beautiful and such a delight to watch. But today a wide variety or species of butterflies has become extinct because there is a threat to their living space and their food supply by human beings.Making a butterfly garden is one way to protect and increase their numbers. Butterfly garden landscaping is a method by which plants are grown to attract butterflies. These are those plants that attract different varieties of butterflies. If the landscaping is done properly it can prove to be a paradise for butterflies and insect wildlife.In order to start with butterfly garden landscaping one must first find a sunny spot present in the garden. Butterflies require the heat of the sun to strengthen their wing muscles to fly efficiently. Usually one can see butterflies stretching their wings out on a sunny day, warming up to fly.

It is very essential to put the garden up in an area where strong winds do not blow. Butterflies avoid areas with strong winds because they can't fly too well.The other thing to be kept in mind while landscaping a butterfly garden is to choose the right plants. There are four very important factors that need to be given heed to. The first thing is that the plants and the flowers that they bear must be scented and brightly colored. Butterflies get attracted to fragrances and bright colors.The second important thing is that the plants must produce enough nectar since a butterfly's staple food is nectar. Plants that produce nectar are easy to grow nowadays. Plant as many varieties of nectar producing flowers as possible as this helps attract butterflies belonging to a variety of species and certain species are very particular about the nectar that they consume.The third thing to be kept in mind is to choose plants that flower and bloom during different seasons, as this will help in keeping the garden colorful throughout the year and help to attract butterflies. This also ensures a constant supply of nectar for the various species of butterflies.

Lastly, the garden must also have a lot of host plants that will help the butterflies to lay eggs on. Leafy plants are considered to be the best host plants as they produce shelter and ample food and nourishment for the larvae and the caterpillars.Providing an area that has a rocky ledge is a very good idea and is very effective in the landscaping of a butterfly garden. Butterflies usually rest on rocks to laze in the sun.It is not advisable to use pesticides or insecticides in the garden, as these chemicals will prove toxic for the butterflies and this will hamper the ideal environment for them.Plant plants that are native to the place as these plants will naturally develop a resistance to disease and pests that are common, there by reducing the need to use pesticides. Introduce creatures like ants, earthworms or beetles. These insects will help in eating up other insects that live on flowers. Allow nature to take its own course.If the landscaping of a butterfly garden is done effectively, the gardener will be rewarded with the view of these beautiful and lovely creatures. But the most important fact is that these creatures will be given a chance to grow and survive and enjoy their own life.
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