A Gum Paste Butterfly In Two Easy Steps

June 07 [Thu], 2012, 18:12
A joyful creature, butterflies have many myths and origins associated with them. In the insect kingdom, they are among the most beautiful creatures on earth.Oftentimes butterflies have been thought of as a symbol of a new phase in life, a transformation. They are considered a symbol of good luck, letting a person know that the changes taking place in life are positive ones. In religious circles, the butterfly is a symbol of resurrection and eternal life.Others believe that butterflies embody friendly spirits of ancestors and loved ones looking over us and whispering advice.

Still others believe that butterflies are a symbol foreshadowing the birth of a new baby. They are also thought to be a symbol of fertility, bringing good luck to couples trying to conceive.Butterflies have also been thought of as a symbol of a long and happy marriage. To dream of butterflies signifies romance and true love. In fact some cultures write that butterflies foreshadow the meeting of your true love.No matter what good fortune butterflies bring, they make a gorgeous decoration on cakes and cupcakes. Even better, making a gum paste butterfly is extremely easy. Kids have a blast making butterflies, and you can even make them with very young children. What's more, you can make a variety of colors, shapes, and patters on your butterflies all in one sitting. Cake decorating in general is a fun, memorable activity to do together as a familynd the end result is a work of art that will be remembered for years to come.Six occasions for making gum paste butterflies as a family activity are:1.) For a family member's summer birthday party.2.) To add to a graduation cake or use as a graduation decoration.

3.) As a family fun weekend activity with a group of kids.4.) To make with kids and surprise mom or dad with a cake in coming home from work.5.) Dried, punctured, and tied to a holiday tree with string.6.) To welcome the birth of a new baby.To make a butterfly out of gum paste you will need:Gum paste Food coloring Waxed paper Butterfly cookie cutter Divide gum paste and tint each portion a different color. Use gloves or baggies over hands to keep from dying your hands.You can swirl two or more different colors together to add a dynamic effect.Roll out gum paste onto a sheet of waxed paper.With a butterfly cookie cutter, cut out your butterfly. Remove the surrounding dough.Allow your butterflies to dry. Apply to your cake, cupcakes, or cookies.You can also sprinkle with edible glitter or brush with food coloring.Have a great time creating magical memories with your kids.
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