January 26 [Tue], 2010, 18:24
few week didnt update my blog..
busy prepare my exam..
feeling so sad when u prepare exam but the question not out.
and the stupid college increase the resit fee to RM100..
shit!really make me feel like die.
still got 2 more subject to go..
i want holidays! travel to thailand and KL...
shopping to make myself happy...
will upload some photo when traveling soon..

Exam Start 

January 15 [Fri], 2010, 1:31
Today is my first day examination!
actually didnt sleep well becuz of the stupid mosquito.
Hate them!
HK fetch me and Ming to exam hall.
I dun like to walk while the location is damn far.
So cold MAN in the exam hall.i need to wear jacket.
I was worrying about my exam although i have done what i had prepare.
and i had done a mistake again!
aiks..i hope my this paper will not need to resit again.
god bless me!
Pizza with baby and HK in old town.
Yummy pizza but gonna make me be a FAT GIRl.
playing left 4 dead with coursemate!
it was the last day to relaxing.
Tomorrow may start preparing my others subject.
wanna go for bank for checking my account.
baby wanna move house too.
tomorrow may a tired and busy day!
ciao~have to go out for yum cha..bye bye


January 13 [Wed], 2010, 4:05
There are a lots of frens birthday's around me in this months.
today i just notice is boss "chu wai kit" birthday.
he is the most big bro in ours class.i mean ages.
first hong kong say he not sure izit the birthday date is correct or not.
so i tell him to comfirm it.
We decided to buy a cake to celebrated with him at nite.
we bought a berry chocolate cake for him.
BOss are shy when we wanna take photo with him.
but finally we ask for the mamak shop's people to help us captured ours photo.
all of us are wearing new class-T.
we have a little fun with boss to ask him take out the candle by mouth.
and he do it with some funny face.
make us laugh at him.
then we have a happy time in cyber playing left 4 dead 2.
playing with 8 people.so high!
Lastly, HAppy Birthday Boss!

We force him to take photo.Birthday boy shy le

seng,kah hin,ah fai,hk, boSS, me, shuan li and lex


January 12 [Tue], 2010, 22:16

baby xiang and mummy

hugging xiang xiang

birthday girl Lee kidd

with the beloved babies

sorry that the photo above not so clear.got a bit blur becuz of my phone.
To see them grow up from childhood.
love them muchx!


January 12 [Tue], 2010, 21:41

on the way to class

With the birthday boy
I know Im suppose to pose this on 10 JAN 2010.
It a bit late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY To Yung Wei!
First we decided to celebrated with him but he going back to hometown.
He dun like to photo captured.
kena paksa by me.haha
He is wearing my favorite PINK shirt.LOLX
Finally, Wish u happy always!
and have a sweet happy memories 21 years old birthday!


January 12 [Tue], 2010, 0:18
mummy and daddy went to cameron.
actually company daddy to work.
she bought about 8 big box of strawberry!!
WOW! thanks mummy daddy~*
I have a hair cut and curly hair..just a simple little curly.
it look more natural and i like it much than last 2 times i had make before.
maybe my hair become more longer.so it look different.
mummy had her first dye hair.the colour look brown and a little red.
I love the hair cream i bought.fruits smell.
beside the hairs shop,opened a new boutique.
so mummy and me decided to have a look.
we attracted by the shops because it sells cloths that have the size of S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL..
I love the flowers dress but it look so big..so didnt buy
bought 2 leggings, t-shirt and a grey coat i love the most.
baby lee kidd bithday!
she so cute
she come to me and say"IM already 5 years old!today is my birthday!"
and her brothers baby xiang is a good boy.
he love to stick with my mummy.
I wish both of them is my real sis and bro.
I love them muchx..
will upload some photo later!!
busying this few week..exam coming soon!
ciao~do miss u all

The Love one 

January 08 [Fri], 2010, 2:38
1 years and 6 month
I had with baby since last year.
I know that the time we dating is so fast.but nevermind.
still rmb how we know each other?
I was so curious about baby becuz he is the one who go bak after the class.
i will think why he always rush to home?
Then after our english classes, i intro myself and we know each other.
we sms and chi-chat.
The first date u really make me to have deep impression to u
U 're LATE!I forgive u!
because Your behavior made me very impressed.
although u are in accident, u still come out to meet me.
You let me feel that you attach great importance to me baby
I tell myself that im in love with this guy deeply

photo shooting 

January 08 [Fri], 2010, 0:22
I hate ANTS!
especially the Red one!
Duno why my room always got ants?
I dun have any food there..
today duno what a special day?like wanna graduate.
we had take some photo with our lecturers.

Mr Tham, our WAP lecturer last sem.He is the most younger lecturer.
We play like friends

The lecturer Mr Chong i like the most.He is very funny and good.

Mr Kelvin hew.The most experience lecturer.
He always say to us "Im Fair to everyone of u all"

ME, Kelvin hew , Hoong kong

MIS lecturer " White hair old man" or "KFC"

My group member
Yung wei, Hoong kong, mr tham, Me ,baby

The only four girls in DIT


January 07 [Thu], 2010, 2:32
people say the one who have confidence must be success in what they have done.
I duno whether this is true or false.
for me, i think is 50% true 50% false.
someone who have 100% to get the things done but finally they 're fail.
Last time i have the confidence about my programming paper.
but at last when the result came out.
the most unconfidence paper past but the confidence paper fail.funny huh?
dun ask me.i also duno what happen?
Love , Health and Studies is just like a Game.
when u start dating,u think is game on.u will not notice when will game off.
start with new relationship, the boys will say "baby,i love u so muchx"
"love u more than i could say" "i cant live without u"
those words are nonsense!
when the times to broke up.words like"i hate u" "i dun love u anymore"
ever bad words like "fuck" will automatically came out from mouth.
Love is not FOREVER! remember!
when Im still a little girl with mind of naive,i think love is the most important things in my life. but now i noe this is wrong!
Love is not permanent.
Family is the most important in ours life.
They provide a wonderful environment for us to live, eat, education and a sincere heart.even u have many money,u cannot buy those things.
It was priceless.
cassandra gave me the confidence to solve my programming paper.
she encouraged me do not gives up.
yung wei is a good person.
although he always say dun wan this dun want that.
but if u got problem, he will help u.
He revision again the subject and teach me.
he will keep on teaching me many times.but of course will get scold by him la..
my stomach pain..i think is the sushi!
damn it! i will not buy that sushi shop again!
besides, baby going to move room to hong kong house.
miss mummy, daddy and baby!


January 06 [Wed], 2010, 13:01
今天十一点起身,感觉好疲累! 可能是给月经的问题烦恼着我,我也不了解自己身体发生什么问题? 有时自己吓到自己。 下午要做什么好呢?上课吧 下个星期考试了!好紧张哦 我好像又肥了。怎么办? 我要趁这3个礼拜减肥。不知道能不能成功 但现在我要去吃我的早餐和午餐了饿死了! 我想吃 哈哈哈!
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