2006年09月02日(土) 23時31分

1st Anniversary 

2006年09月01日(金) 23時21分
Today is the first anniversary of my working life.



2006年08月30日(水) 17時14分
Woooohoooo! Took me so long to understand this... while I've always enjoyed surprises both giving & receiving, I just realised that sometimes, when u get too surprised by someone, that could be because you didn't understand this person very much in the first place...

hee.... life is full of discoveries! I love discovery!

Hong Kong Hangover 

2006年08月07日(月) 9時51分
... have been back from HK for about a week and still experiencing hangover.

My colleague just got back last night and she seems much less excited than me haha... to think that I've been there 4 times (proudly) and she twice (first time was when she was in pri school). I guess some places are meant more for some than others. Just like the mention of France, Italy, Germany... will only garner a "uh... ok" from me. (although I'm rather interested in Spain & Scandinavian ctys - scandinavian furniture & designs have always appealed to me - but i would urge u to think out of IKEA)

Anyway! kind of furstrated that the photo feature for this blog is rather weak... u have to pay if u want to put bigger sized photos! argh... お金がない!

Luckily I still have my Old blog address... think I need to do some shuffling - reshuffling soon. I want to blog about my HK Trip...! but not here... 2000 words only!

No Kantang 

2006年07月02日(日) 22時44分
How do you feel when you type www.google.com.sg or https://gmail.google.com on your internet broswer and the page loads full of chinese characters?

I feel pissed.

Think brother tried to be "CINA" and added Chinese as one of the default languages. I am no Kan-tang but that certainly gets on my nerves!

Anyway, very excited... cuz in less than a month, I will be in Hong Kong and Macau! 4th time to HOng Kong!

Bad girl 

2006年07月02日(日) 22時22分
Haven't been updating my blog for some time, haven't been emailing some people I promise to email... I'm sorry... although I know you 2 never read my blog, but I am so sorry! :)

Anyway, life has been hectic - both at work and out of work. Stayed back till pretty late last week (late in my standards are early for many, but I have learnt not to compare apples with oranges...) Haha. Gonna take it easy in July. I'm just gonna work for 4 days in July! My goodnessssss.... okie maybe 5 - 6... cuz have to go back to office to do some closing... and i know that OT days are coming soon... once that exercise kicks off... also realised that i could have been a 'bad' influence at work... for a new girl that came in. offered her some realities of life and work but must also attribute that to my boss who told her to do the resignations paper with me...it was 3rd day but i had to horribly pass her the exit questionnaires... i remember being depressed after reading all that exit questionnaires thingy......aiyah feel quite sad for her cuz i know she totally wrong jobfit. herinterests lies somewhere else...... but shall try to be apositive influence to her... although i can't really convince myself. i am sandwiched between my conscience: either lying to her, or lying to myself. guess i should shut up instead.

Our paths crossed 

2006年06月22日(木) 0時43分
Was nice meeting some friends whom I haven't seen for a long while... used to be from the same class but from what I see, everyone's at different paths of their lives. One working, one on internship, one waiting to work, one studying, one waiting to study (again). This is what they call in life your paths cross. Our paths really did CROSS.


2006年06月22日(木) 0時27分
Feel damn tired ever since taking over my colleague's portfolio at work, though not official, she is now handing over work for me to do... Just paused and evaluated. Realised that I've been doing a lot of things that are not MEANT to be my scope of work. I mean, my scope of work is not really defined properly, so strictly speaking, ANYTHING can be part of my work. My boss can throw anything at me to do. HOWEVER, what happens when what he throws is something that is supposed to be my colleague's work!? ARGH. Thank this colleague for making a mess out of things and I gotta go and clean up the mess. Worst of all, I know NUTS about this mess, and have to learn from SCRATCH all over. I have to refer to that damn manual everytime even though I already read once through. SO while I spend lots of time exploring the program, I have no time to complete my own work. This damn paper that I hve been procrastinating and delaying. Tell you... my boss isnt appreciative of the extra effort I have to put in. He thinks using that DAMN STUPID SUCKING system is just clicking a few buttons. HELLO U GOTTA LEARN WHAT BUTTONS TO CLICK, and it's not that easyyyyy LO! U gotta understand the system...and u know what others go through a $2000 - $4000 course, and ME just read the manual LO! Crass it may sound but I would like to ask my boss to go and eat shit!

I whine when I am absolutely have lots of things to do at work. I think I got spread the SERENAISM disease, as I was whining to Serena.I whine too when I have absolutely nothing to do at work. I conclude: I whine. Work sucks. I HATE work. My life is full of unhappiness at this point. I do not wish to share this unhappiness with anyone, and I do not wish to elaborate. Don't even think of "helping" me. I hate helping others and I hate being helped.


2006年06月20日(火) 16時56分
Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


2006年06月20日(火) 0時23分
I remember a nightmare I had a week ago. I couldn't remember waking up to thatnightmare, but one morning after that particular day, as I was taking my shower, I felt a tickling feeling on my nose.

I dreamt that blackheads the size of black sesames were oozing out of my nose. To be clearer, they weren't in a tear drop shape, but it was a tubular dark grey semi-liquid substance, that were huge, and were half way out of my nose.

Eeeeekkkssss. I told this nightmare to a couple people, and they all agreed to being freaked out by this horrid scene. Sent shivers down many spines, and certainly twitchings on people's nose. Think I must have been staring at my blackhead infested nose for too long, and procrastinating the purchase of my blackhead/whitehead remover mask. It's time!
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