Swimming HARD.School EASY 

September 19 [Tue], 2006, 11:07
Today was another hard work out. We had to do 8x125 and then another 6x 125. It wqas hard but when it was done it felt good!! The coaches is tryiong tot make nus do the long distances. Which is like 500m and stuff so yea it is very hard though Oh and today was another day which i had to deal with kylee's daily drama. It wasn't that fun. She made out with stone at the dance on friday and then broke up with her Bf(david) I just think ...what a slut she doesn't even realizes. Its unbelievealble i cannot take this anymore.She has been acting all weird lately. She does not want to do the swim practices and then acting all depressed. It is pretty stupid and i cannot take this anymore. I'm pretty sure It will be done soon. Right now i really want to move into different classes witch i wanna switch to Alegebra ...I feel so dumb That class is super easy so i think i can move into Algebra. But there are no more schedual changes so that is a bomer.
Right now (ever since high school has started) There is some cute guys and some of my classes. There names are "D" and "K" "D" is shorter then me but he has a pretty handsome face and he is smart. "K" is super tall...hmmmm maybe about 6'2. That is pretty tall. And he is smart too. I'm not sure which one i like more well duhh because i have never even talked to both of them. lol I will take this advice what mariah had given me. "Go with a flow"

The First day of high school 

September 05 [Tue], 2006, 7:41
Today was my first day of high school and my swim meet!!! it was awesome cuz the jamburee was like playing more then competition!!! it was awesome mannnn!!!
The first day was a bit confusing.hopefully i'll get used to it!


August 31 [Thu], 2006, 7:22
Ok so today was the Orientation It was awesome because i got to see all of my friends!! But the bad part was when i had to be paired up with Annie and i hate her with a passion!!! And i had to see Travis....ughhhhh!!! well i don't like both of them. I got to see Sammy, Brittany, and Kylee and more!! It was so kool!! we got to eat hotdogs after the orientation!! But the lemonade was soo gross! It was like water! Eww. Before we got the tour the high school! I have no idea where my classes are! It is so confusing! I was in a group with Becca, Erica, Shawn, And these two guys named, Dillion and forgot the other one. lol. Then these two senior and junior girls named Jenna and Nichole. They were both nice! i like both of them!! I'm very excited for high school!

Swimming tryouts the last day!! 

August 24 [Thu], 2006, 7:19
today was the last day of the swimming tryouts!!! i made jv/varsity!!! its soo kool!!! i loved it! im proud of being in both teams!!!! i swim in varsity for relays and jv for the individual!!!! awesome mann!!! YAY!!! I'm very happy!!!

Swimming tryouts the 3rd day. 

August 23 [Wed], 2006, 7:18
Third day tryout
It was great!!! I got to learn the backstroke and stuff=]
I got put in the higher-level team=]
Pretty cool but still hard=[
Travis is the biggest Dweeb I’ve ever met.
He told tristin to tell me all the good stuff about him so I can start liking him again.
Argggggggggg he is stupid and the biggest dweeb!!!!!

Swimming tryouts the 2nd day. 

August 22 [Tue], 2006, 7:15
Second day tryout. 8/22/06
Very excited!! Workouts are fun=]
It was okay. Got put in the lower team.

Swimming tryouts 

August 21 [Mon], 2006, 7:00
Today was my swimming tryouts There were about 6 freshmen trying out. And there was a lot of junior, seniors, and sophomores trying out too. My coach’s name is Rita. She is pregnant and baby is about to come out soon. Kylee forgot to bring her physical sheet so she couldn’t participate today. She was really pissed. I only knew Kinzie there. She is a good swimmer. I’m totally out of shape and those workouts were hard.
First we had to do 4x100 free stroke. That was awful so I had to go to the easier section.
But I loved that one so much better And we had to do kicks and then last we did a relay.
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