The past few days... 

July 01 [Tue], 2008, 9:54
The last weekend was a hectic one for me...

On Friday, was supposed to meet up with dear after work for dinner. As usual, we
were discussing on the places to go to... And as usual I waiting for him to knock off.
Was window shopping when I saw the sale at Daniel Yam. Dear came after I have
bought my loot of 2 gowns at 88 bucks (which was like 8 lor). It's quite a good deal.
Still remember once upon a time when dear bought a gown for birthday (on a
reimbursement basis. hee), the price is approximately 90 odd or so.

So, I met him and we had our dinner at No Signboard. The place was so packed that we got an outdoor seat near the walkway with dimmed lights. It is quite romantic I
must say but I still value being able to see what I am eating more. Well, dinner/drinks on a Friday night is never easy.

After our dinner, dear and I went to search where Elena and her friend, Rebecca.
Found them and chatted till quite late. Elena gave me a magazine full of f&b coupons. There are so many offers in it! Some of which we normally frequent. So excited
though. Save some money and earn some lucky draw chances. I am a cheepo I know.

Woke up early on Saturday morning and started packing dear's house. Was helping
out with the packing of the antique plates and was aching all over after that, esp
my butt and lower back. Was yelling when dear massaged those areas for me and
wondering if I am able to survive Sun's classes. Anyway, we finished packing dear's
room and it does not help that his girlfriend wants almost all the soft toys that he
was about to throw.

On Sunday, dragged our dead corpses to the cab at 7.30am to Tampines. I was
barely surviving for the class. We did not managed to have our weekly breakfast -
a plate of sinful Carrot Cake with prawns as the uncle was not there. Was told by the uncle at the next stall that they were closed. This shows what a regular customer we are. Somehow felt my weekend passed very fast cuz of the packing and was not
complete as my weekly breakfast was not available.

Went back and took a nap. Then, made our way to Xiu Li house for housewarming.
Went back after dinner time and both of us could not pack anymore as both of us had
headaches. We slept at 8pm and our weekend is officially over!
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