A Cancer Patient Treated By Dr. Gil Lederman

February 02 [Sat], 2013, 3:57
Todd Regan, his mother is telling his story. Todd Regan was only 39 years of age when he was diagnosed with a rare cancer called metastatic and scattered emangiopericytoma. Amazingly; he had eleven tumors all over his brain and body. But Todd was living his life normally and incredibly was able to function in all capacities of his life. He visited various oncologists not even in America but in other parts of the world as well. Finally oncologist put him on Chemotherapy, which was ultimately ineffective against the cancer type he had. He was told by his doctors that he has only few months to live; and the diagnoses were indeed doom and gloom.

Other than that Todd was very lively and enthusiastic in every facet of his life. Especially Todd’s full commitment was for his children. He dreadfully wanted to be present in his children’s life free from major complications or disabilities due to his cancer.

Many oncologists reluctant to accept Todd’s case, the future looked gloomy. But Todd’s sister did not lose hope and aggressively started searching for answers, finally found the way out through Dr. Lederman’s work in Stereo-tactic Radio surgery. Todd became Dr. Lederman’s patient in 2002.

With the technique of Radio surgery offered by Dr. Lederman, treatments were made, and 6tumors were treated successfully. The Great news was that Todd experienced little to no pain from the procedures under Dr. Lederman’s care.

Throughout Todd’s treatment he was very active. Fathering, vacationing and working, never or less and enjoying his life fully. He contributed in a video with other successful cancer patients about Dr. Lederman’s’ Stereo- Tactic Radio Surgery. He wanted to support other patients dealing with cancer. By sharing his story, Todd created the possibility to move, inspire and transform others who were troubling with cancer. Sadly, after the taping of the educational video in 2004, Todd collapsed because of an untreated tumor that ruptured.

Todd was under Dr. Lederman’s care for 3 years. The treatment was a suitable way of managing his poor health, allowing him to be a son, brother, father and friend.

Tahna Regan Fischer, Todd's SISTER expressed her feelings, when my brother, Todd was diagnosed with Metastatic and Disseminated Hemangiopericytoma it was devastating for all of us. Not so much for the way he looked or acted, because he looked and function completely normal. It was disturbing because there was nowhere to turn for treatment. There was nothing out there and I was reminded of that each time another search came up empty.

When I contacted the physicians, they usually asked me the questions:

How much oxygen is he on? Can he move around? He is unconscious? It was a bit frightening because Todd was just not breathing, he was totally functional. He was living, as we are living right now. I looked for the treatment everywhere, most of the time I would

Never hear a response from the doctor or office, but I kept on going. Eventually I stumbled upon Dr. Lederman’s name. I emailed him regarding Todd’s case. Just in 45 minutes, he replied and asked me to send the scans. I was so excited! And extremely happy that Todd’s case was accepted. We all were nervous, but hopeful. Our first meeting with Dr. Lederman was great. He spent time with us, he showed us the whole procedure, what the side effects were and he answered all of our questions with charm.

After initiating the treatment, my brother’s tumors that were treated had SHRUNK! It was so amazing!” This treatment worked! This to be a great success and we celebrated. Todd told me that Dr. Gil Lederman was a great doctor. With Dr. Lederman he not only saw an amazing physician, but also a great friend.

Sadly, one of Todd’s untreated lesions ruptured and he succumbed to his cancer in January 2004. It was devastating for all of us. However, I think Dr. Gil Lederman and his team gave all of us memorable moments with Todd. The moments that I have of my brother during those years are filled with love, care, affection, appreciation and lot more.

I had many conversations with Dr. Gil after my brother's death, and one question that stuck in my mind, what he thought the meaning of life was… He simply replied to me… love. Love is the answer. Dr. Lederman really means what he said that day. He cares about his patients, his work and he is making a huge difference in the lives of cancer patients.