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July 09 [Sat], 2011, 18:19
“comes quickly! Admire! Here also has one! Ha right now that only small house sparrow does not starve to death?”“the sandbank, is very troublesome, do not seize again? Blames me to ascend bored to that house sparrow, harms me to seize the grasshopper is bored.”“ha-ha, admires has the compassion ha-ha, therefore you not repugnant are actually right?! So should not be always sad. A anything does not care about appearance that also has the girl to like you!”“volume?”The sandbank you knew that I only like you, the girl dares to play jokes upon me unexpectedly. “good, I come! Ha another ha. " “admires?”“volume? Is listening, how?”“the sandbank wanted, you will not detain? Such indifferent appearance?”“volume?”“you only will not express actually yourself, therefore so will be always slow to others' speech, will an idiot's numb appearance be right? But the sandbank wanted, you have not understood my meaning?”“every, you also wanted. Must separate? I retake courses.
I wait for you to come back.”“have not been silly, the time will not flow backwards!”“pa! ~” every, in casts off when both hands which I stretch out you will understand? Actually I only will be want to wait for you also to come back, will also come back with me to watch the sunrise together, will play truant together looked that the square the lively crowd, will accompany me to eat the blueberry ice cream together.
Every I am not actually do not detain you and the sandbank only am I cannot, because I will leave finally, because. Therefore I in-situ have waited for you, perhaps one day of you will see I said that kind of wild lap waste will spread over a wide area that piece of seacoast which we will go frequently, perhaps you will seek to mine shadow.
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