May 23 [Fri], 2014, 11:46
彼ら全員が個性と異なる声を示すけれども、彼らが青々としたアリーナに彼らと持ってくるものによって、ハンターは主に定義されます。片目のハイド(その人はAssaultクラスに加わります)は、破壊的な火炎放射器(ゴリアテの攻撃的な能力にマッチしそうな)を持っています。TurtleロックStudiosによると、剛速球投手はゲームのどんな武器ででも最も短い効果的距離、しかし、最も高い損傷があります。 物質があまりに熱くなって、中毒手榴弾で遠くから怪物を汚染しようとするならば、ハイドは個人のシールドを動かすことができます。


May 23 [Fri], 2014, 11:46

Fateのアリーナは、遊ぶことができて、この夏PCにそのベータ段階に入る予定です、 結局、CryEngineベースのゲームがどのコンソールに到達するかという知らせなしで。ゲームのベータに参加することに興味を持った人々は、その公式ウェブサイト上で登録することができます。

GlaxoSmithKline case released what signals

May 19 [Mon], 2014, 13:49
GlaxoSmithKline ( China ) Investment Co., Ltd. has concluded its investigation on suspicion of bribery and other cases , the law has recently been transferred to prosecutors for investigation and prosecution . The case is passed out of the two signals concern.

This case demonstrates the Chinese rule of law first determination and ability . Police released the results of the investigation , evidence, data informative , serious doubt. Before the law , equality , even multinational giants such as GlaxoSmithKline will be investigated punishable by law , there is absolutely no possibility of extrajudicial mercy .

Just last year, GlaxoSmithKline case exposed some foreign media have trotted out the " Chinese authorities are trying to divert people on food and drug safety issues attention " and other absurd remarks , alluding to China to multinationals as a " scapegoat ." Today the truth , fallacy proved unfounded. It turns out that this case is an inevitable move Chinese rule of law .

This case also to the commercial release of Chinese war such trends signal corruption . Needless to say, as a developing country , China 's laws and regulations , although in increasingly sophisticated , but still there are some loopholes. Some multinational companies operating in China not only failed to establish good international range of children , but the loophole , short cuts for unhealthy waves.

Police investigations revealed that GSK in the Chinese market to build a huge network of bribery , crowding Chinese -made drugs, the use of the financial means of the transfer of high profits , illegal means can be described as full of tricks, harm the interests of the Chinese public to the extent that it is shocking . According to the survey , the illegal proceeds to reap billions of dollars GlaxoSmithKline yuan, the highest price of the company's pharmaceutical sales in China is actually up to 7 times that of other countries.

The facts show that multinational companies on business corruption does not have immunity , and because of its well-organized , deep background , sometimes it is easier to have a negative impact on the economy and society in developing countries , the fight against it is also likely to be more time-consuming .

In this context, China to investigate and punish illegal business GlaxoSmithKline , reflects China 's firm determination to combat commercial corruption. There is reason to expect that China 's business environment will become increasingly Delicate gas is , according to business enterprises will be like a duck , and those who try to challenge Chinese law , people who go gray fortune is bound to be a shortcut Chinese law.