Luo media: Lakers have no intention to recover it is wishful thinking melon Bryant East tour

October 11 [Tue], 2011, 11:05
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 11, both sides continue negotiations today, the outcome of the negotiations will have a direct impact on the fate of the new regular season. And on the other side, there are about - Kobe Bryant's news also attracted a wide range of hot American media, when in an interview earlier, said that most want to fly Man with Carmelo Anthony - hand combat,'s statements was quickly interpreted as Kobe Bryant New York media interested in joining the Knicks, but in the "Los Angeles Times" columnist Mark - Medina view, the New York media was some wishful thinking, and the current configuration of the Lakers do not need Anthony to join.
In an interview with "Ring World" interview, with Antonio Bryant with respect alongside hope: "I like Anthony as teammates, no doubt, my ultimate goal is still the championship, the Lakers are now good enough inside, which is We are a big advantage, if we have anything and everything a person can be in the low, will play a key role on the team, so I am very willing to partner with the melon. "Kobe's words once out, they suddenly caused a great uproar, many people are reading the content of which, after all, Bryant East tour, or a melon to join angel city do?
In fact, Bryant's remarks do not represent any meaning, he is just the problem itself from the realistic given his answer, and there is not much to hide the content. In addition, the Lakers current staffing point of view, does not need a player like Anthony. While Bynum is always tired by injuries, but his opponents inside height of the pressure is sufficient to prove its strength. Playoffs last season, the Lakers swept the tragic Dallas Mavericks, but the problem is not in the Bynum body. If Anthony is really coming to Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant is bound to affect the team's position, reducing the Peter Pan shots on the offensive end, but the Lakers defense and III position will not bring melon become leaps and bounds.
As we all know, The Red and the melon in the 2008 Beijing Olympics with Team USA back on its behalf to the top of the world, and the two private relations are very good, coupled with each other are a handful of league scoring machine, has a sympathetic plot not surprising, but Bryant's remarks inevitably to speculation has always been known to be the media described as Kobe Bryant New York Knicks want to join together to Anthony's plot, as you know, they are sometimes too wishful thinking.

NATO's army command that Gaddafi has lost one of the most ideal to loyalty or defection

October 08 [Sat], 2011, 11:02
Dow Jones reported that the senior U.S. standard 7 that NATO believes Gaddafi is no lengthier one of the most ideal to preserve the command within of the army, loyal to his hometown of Sirte have been also for the verge of defection.
According to reports, the unnamed U.S. Fanggao Guan, informed reporters that morning in July, held in Naples, Italy, closed-door talks, NATO officials informed U.S. Secretary of Defense Panetta (Leon Panetta) to convey their situation in Libya assessment within of the situation, NATO officials believe that Gaddafi's forces are weakened. "He (Gaddafi) command and deal with really is no lengthier loyal to his army."
The standard stated there is no "evidence" exhibits that Gaddafi can be top a nationwide, structured army.
Officials that, earlier in Sirte, Gaddafi's home will develop to be loyal to renegade who choose whether or to not hold on the NATO oxygen strikes in the direction of Libya "key factor", these renegade soldiers may possibly develop to be considered a "leader."
The standard believes the fact that current arrangement to which the Libyan protection help and guidance is even now as well early, the ruling authorities possess the ability to deal with the whole of Libya, but even now should produce their ability and organization.
Newland claimed the fact that U.S. condition division spokesman, america think the fact that Libyan authorities in energy at one of the most ideal time to declare victory.
Newland informed reporters in Washington: "I think getting a political and protection for that up coming phase is genuinely an ideal thing, but to make certain the fact that country wide unity and reconciliation work have begun."
According to an extra report, a communicate about intelligence matters and as U.S. officials requested anonymity, stated there are at current 80% within of the Sirte place below the deal with of militants inside the ruling authorities have been slowly restored calm. The standard stated the remaining areas even now need some time to invade, the armed resistance inside the clear, you need to spend curiosity to methods.
Reported the fact that NATO oxygen strikes experienced significantly assisted the ruling authorities armed.