chutian no fine

June 15 [Wed], 2011, 19:05
See this name, chutian no fine want to know what it is.
Was not going to pay attention to, but the somebody else all have sought, and said so sure, should be mastered to what clues.
Indeed give up transmission behavior, to transmit array from the king sovereign back message.
"You want how." Even the questions are not.
Chutian also dare do GanDang person, this sentence reply confesses that thing is it myself. Somebody else since tone so sure, oneself to deny is undoubtedly loss his face, but increase mockery.
"It was refreshing in a tavern, I wait for you."
All the players, the valley was a ghost east of downtown pubs also only the "dirty" tavern again.
Pub near distance transmission array, chutian two minutes arrived. Push the door the door TongLing adorned with the clatter of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, bells and whistles inside. Calm
Today's tavern and last to very different, there is full to the brim, some people have no position on sat, directly in the counter side futzing with hand weapon.
A skin white canker of rotting zombie players sit before the bar in the middle of the garden stool, and with several women players around. A pair of ZhongXingPengYue manner, fear that others will not see him is the oldest.
The city can't fight, chutian nor cold each other's trip.
When their million single-handedly killed into barge in what didn't feel, how much more will the ballroom often see little roadside scenes.
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