was deeply convinced that

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(Second and more) at the same time, the stone lump in the village of Orion. Uncle stone plate sitting quietly on a white picket fence, eyes wide open like a non-open eyes, like a closed non-closed, in front of his body, Fan Yonghui has sober him, being respectfully kneeling on the kang tail children. One sweet taste Uncle who comes out from the stone, light, than the most expensive incense also refreshing, this is a real taste of fusion with nature, to refreshing, all diseases are canceled. "BOY" Stone Uncle faint spoke, his voice an infection of the heart charm. "Uncle" Fan Yonghui respectful demeanor. "Take your bow, to the south bar, where have your chance," Stone Uncle faint. "Yes" Fan Yonghui Although this command does not know Uncle North Face Scythe Clearance Sale stone, or is pointing, in the end what kind of goal, but his face will pull back from the brink of death of familiar strangers, he was deeply convinced that he know that the stones Uncle Uncle and previous stones, not the same. Fan Yonghui under the kang, dressed, will carry a large arched in the body, standing house when the central bank, "Uncle, you have nothing to be commanded it???" "The sincere goodness to be sure, can not create more Shanie "Stone Uncle faint. "Yes" Fan Yonghui Gong Sheng Ying yes. "Go" Stone Uncle faint. "That, brave son go, rock t take care of" Fan Yonghui nodded, turned out of the house, went toward the south to go to. Fan Yonghui night had to go to the south, looking for part of his opportunity, caught in a quiet house, a stone t slowly opened his eyes, a pair of quiet as youthful-like eye, the odd touch of light shining, "Sunset bow the day the earthquake, I was waiting for you, all-powerful one-day "Tonight is bound to be a sleepless night, Canada Goose Resolute Parka Women Beijing outskirts of an orphanage. Three-story house is a child of the old buildings of the eighties, covering about three hundred square meters, with a total area of ​​seven hundred square meters, the walls because of the perennial disrepair, plaster has fallen off, exposing the inside of the red brick, on the high walls covered with green ivy, brick-paved courtyard, with a few small flower garden, planted with a variety of wild flowers inside, most or dandelion, gener walls beneath a Some trees trunk thighs thickness peach, quietly stands, branches covered with pink peach child. Beijing is prepared to deal with power resources, the usual time, are used in the ordinary AC, but Canada Goose Tremblant Full Zip Hoody Men in the ground, but it is another one with a cable, this cable is usually not used, had laid it, it is only For emergency, its supply side, the Cheng Ka. Dim light, a man and a woman arm in arm, holding hands child, pet sitting under a peach tree in the yard. "Little Peach, do you remember when we were little things it???" Woman gentle water, quietly leaning on the shoulders of men, Qiaomei cheek, hanging happy smile, children greasy little hands outstretched, Jiuxia a child peach children, on the nose sniffs. "Never dare not forget," the man faint smile, looked to one side to the woman gently kiss on the cheek, "Little peaches, with you, I was the happiest man in this world of" "Puchi" woman Poof rip smile, but there is no much to say. "How?? Funny what??" The man some blush. "When you talk silly, I suddenly thought of the dragon, the guy in front Xiaojun, it is silly," woman laughed. "Oh," the man chuckled, "We are not too kind, even KFC meal partner cheated people", "giggle" woman Yanzui chuckle, "It is no wonder that we, who let him move crooked acting, like bullying my sister come forward?? deserved he let Xiaoqing bite "" Oh, "the man faint smile, in fact, did not mind, after all, NIE is not a black dragon had bitten back two times, and once more bite not a big deal . The men and women on the children, it was Li Tong Xuan and his girlfriend rhododendrons, this orphanage is the place where they grew up, the two from a very young is especially close playmates children, grow up to become a natural the lovers. "I always remember you lied to me the thing, you only cunning little fox, funny how naive I had it, was hit by playing around you," Li Tong Xuan outriggers Lanzhu cuckoo Man Yao, took her in her arms. "Puchi" cuckoo smile, a white man, "it is your own stupid, OK??" "I did not stupid, you are too cunning" Lee Tong Xuan kiss on her hairline. "Giggle" cuckoo smiles tenderly beautiful first cicada leaning against his shoulder, but it is caught up in memories. "This is a STRING, which is a small cucumber, this is Mimi's" President aunt with a large dustpan peaches, one by one of the children points, I do not know the number of wrong or how, eventually even less of a . "Oh, this is really a" President aunt look empty dustpan, and look in front of the old mouth child toot long, straight wronged tears little boy, and a look of embarrassed, this is a month of her own wages to buy peaches, orphanages are public funds, even if she was as president, can not just move, but look at the small boy look askew wronged, dean aunt gentle smile, touched his head , "little mysterious good, Mom give you a moment to go buy a peach, than they are big" "ah," the little boy nodded. "Mom, I ate a bar and small mysterious" girl always sensible child earlier than boys, knowing that Dean is not wealthy aunt home, give them to buy peaches, but also pay for their own pockets, only to swallow the saliva, they eat a little deficit. "Cuckoo cuckoo really sensible" President aunt laughed, ask the ask the girl's head, mind is relieved, if it took too much, there is not a good account of her husband, two children can eat a minute, can be considered happy, but the girl has seen some unhappy boy. "Little mysterious, and you still want to flesh peach Peach??" Two children sitting side by side on the step child, girl hands holding a big peach, greedy straight swallowing. "I do not eat Peach" so awkward boy shook his head. "This is what you said, you have to peach flesh, I want Peach, I want Peach planted in the yard, and so it grows into a peach, peach grow all sorts of" one pair of pink and tender girl child little hand gestures forward, drew a big circle, to describe the peaches 'more'. "It" girl boy had apparently been drawn pie to flicker lived, "Otherwise, I want Peach, you have to peach flesh, right??" "No," one girl shakes, powder toot small Zuier toot up, "you greedy" "That, Peach is the two of us, the peach is the two of us, and a long peach, it should be the two of us equally," boy mouth child flowing saliva, said. "You eat a peach than I do, what with you split??" Black and white girl with big eyes staring, glaring boy. PS: Seeking recommendations, seeking collection
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