Gap In Life

June 23 [Thu], 2011, 15:32
LV life of a gap
When reading a book, on a day of LV class to be back, what all don't want to do, and then open LV computer of it, relax, English!! What civil servants to say again, so after a night of a night, you confront corruption, want to calm down to see book is so difficult; This time know LV role of library in LV, in LV one by one LV bookshelf swim between, pick up a book will see forget time, really want to that moment become eternal, let me be a little woman with elegant forever.

Write here find getting away from LV myself, is a period of time inside of space, but it is also compare a cough cough, continue to gap, and it.

When one is in love, work less than two months, met for LV first time in life, say this words may be a lot of people will question, ah ~ no matter so said, I think people are always believe that some have that could not be there, he was my first. LV time go to school, always fantasizing own harvest a prince and princess of love, so silly, arrogant, all LV possibilities, refused to now, not think so, but at least still feel LV love from LV hope, as long as time and experience are enough, looked at his short months is that to mature, is really pleased.

Well, life is over, thank that a part of yourself to feel LV gap is, not others to remind, I want to have a concept, can be in action, or a change to LV empty LV brain, just think, not to act, that a happy little plan how to achieve this?

Memorial I that is in LV past five months, this time let I learned too much too much, also more miss too much too many people, but to cease to now, were in LV way, he can't stop LV marching feet...

July 8, 2010, we LV graduate on time as well, LV very appropriate post graduate look in, everyone laugh is very brilliant, high altitude run to a bachelor's hat is LV compulsory movements, then actually sad already gradually do asymptotic, at least to me is like this.

Always will not be conscientious to pretend nothing, even if a person having a bad time, but when walk into a group, will be played very perfect, let everybody can get by, comfortable enjoy my smile.
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