95% salary increase workplace benefits as those who look up the money directly

October 11 [Tue], 2011, 11:41
Recently, Baidu's Web site one hundred talents Bai survey found that 89% of professionals who expressed a wish to increase the welfare of the company's approach is "direct salary increase." Especially in Beijing, 95% of professionals who clearly expressed this wish, as the country's highest; Shanghai, Guangdong, Northeast, East, Central more than 90 professionals who are also looking forward to "direct salary" approach.

● 75% of the respondents were not salary increase this year

One hundred online Bai latest survey data show that 75% of professionals who have not salary increase this year. Especially in the Northeast and Southwest, more than 80% of the workplace is not salary; comparison, the situation in southern China a little better, with more than three percent salary increase this year has been the workplace of people, but gains limited, more focused or less than 5% lower than the CPI increase.

CPI remains high at the time, the face of "hidden pay cut", the survey of professionals in general on their current salary is not very satisfactory - more than 40% of respondents said "very dissatisfied" and the other有四成 respondents said "not satisfied", with very few respondents (less than 10%) compared to the current salary were satisfied or very satisfied.

● "hidden pay cut" trigger career confusion

A hundred Bai this survey, for no salary increase, 53% of respondents made it clear that "a little sad; looking any, good to see there is no other opportunity"; only a very few people that understand the workplace, will continue to work hard at the end for salary increase. One hundred Bai Data Research Center, said Li Di, this workplace negative emotions, should arouse the attention of relevant departments of the company, on the one hand this will lead to decreased work motivation workplace; the other hand, this situation will end the brain drain foreshadowed.

One hundred Bai survey shows that 24% of the workplace of one's own professional development in 2011 as a whole "very dissatisfied", 39% of professionals said "not very satisfied," only a handful of career people (less than 20%) said that career development satisfied or very satisfied. One hundred data research center, said Bai, who for their own career development career dissatisfaction, which is the early stage of the signal flow of talent, companies should promptly capturing these signals, and timely understanding of employee needs in order to avoid the latter part of the flow of talent to business losses.

● warmth measures to ease workplace expectations

One hundred Bai also found that, in addition to "salary increase", the workplace for the "payment of performance awards," "providing price subsidies," "to provide mortgage" and other material benefits but also have some expectations. Two percent of respondents said that the "grant performance awards," interested, 15% of respondents were "to provide price subsidies," "to provide mortgage" interest, there is one percent of respondents to the "Equity Awards" a sense of interest.

For 2011, the next career expectations, a hundred Bai workplace survey found that 39% of people expect, "salary", particularly in the southwest and northeast regions will be more intense workplace - the workplace of about 45% of people have this expectation; 24% of professionals who expect "to find a good job." In addition, 11% of professionals who expect "the company provides training / learning opportunities," 10% of the expected "job promotion."

One hundred Bai Data Research Center believes that the workplace parties of their satisfaction with pay levels in a large emotional component, the cost of living in the great increase in the present case, this emotional component is also hugely magnified. The release of negative information which managers should pay attention, I believe the second half of enterprises will be introduced measures to reassure employees of emotional warmth.

According to one hundred talents of the investigation Bai, the capital, said more than 80% of professionals working condition is usually busy and very busy, this data is higher than Shanghai, Guangdong, ten percentage points, while four of the capital into a workplace who choose to rest at home the way through 11 holiday, also higher than Shanghai and Guangdong.

New York think college Admissions Tour event founded sail in October

October 08 [Sat], 2011, 12:13
October has continually been studying within season. ny think college in China, driven by powerful challenge team, Eddie training in 2011 14 October to 27 October 2011 held in ny think college (SUNY) college students nationwide tour, such since the 4 SUNY campuses within report of Albany campus along using the college intercontinental Admissions business office jointly with other pertinent officials of 10 organizations and will participate within tour, intercontinental channels and on the net training "students by applying train" plan could be complete protection of the tour. It is reported that actions could be in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiyuan, Chongqing, Hefei, Qingdao, Guiyang, Changsha, Jinan, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chengdu held.

During the tour, college students and moms and dads with an probability toward the complete ny think college university of intercontinental Admissions Officer, accountable for countless admissions jointly with China branch business office admissions counselors jointly with other authorities instant exchange, and getting the probability accessible to many institutions. within event college students also have entry to SUNY universities first-hand data about SUNY most latest developments and all associated programs enrolled in college life, college student companies information.

It is understood that ny think college (SUNY) may possibly be considered an enormous U.S. educational system, its sizing within best universities within world. Currently, SUNY complete of 64 campuses, practically 47 million college students, 80,000 faculty, intercontinental college students accounted for 7.7% belonging toward the complete amount of students. potent college teachers, using the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, Emmy, Tony Award, Grammy Award winner jointly with other areas of exceptional long-term professor to teach, and college fees are relatively reasonable, cost-effective. Is loved by chinese language courses college students belonging toward the American elite.