I fly home just waiting for

June 25 [Sat], 2011, 11:38
I fly home just waiting for a few days back to Changsha, near the villages where the school rented a Bedroom house, bathroom and kitchen will add less than 50 square meters. Whole house is only 4 layers, the top he lived, from the grocery store buy a second hand electric fan, can not take that kind of heat is still blowing, like a steamer. Changsha summer temperatures in the country regarded as the highest, and Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing and the four major fire, not air-conditioned room can not live people.louis vuitton monogram vernis bellevue gm amarante bag for sale

One is the nightside two rooms, one is the yang side. Nightside's also a little cooler that can be relatively small area, can only put a single bed, a table is no extra space, and Wen-first lived in the past, I fly a bigger room though, you can put a wardrobe , a table, there is a large enough space to sit, but that makes it a bit uncomfortable heat.
Two people buy food to cook every day, division of labor quite clear. A person responsible for a meal, from grocery shopping, cooking to washing dishes, a contract down. The second person in there watching TV, eating place about chopsticks. Because they are two different people's habits, requirements for cooking are not the same, in order to avoid arguments sake, a cook, another far the best station to provide a mouth to eat as long as the time on the line. Understanding of two people gradually came out.
That night two people are sitting there quiet meal of watching TV, I fly the phone rang to see is called lindane, just stood up, took a piece of white T-shirt, talking on the phone out the. "Hey, Dandan."louis vuitton monogram sarah figue bag for sale

Wen-speak, and "also Louis Vuitton bags as an outsider, say a phone call and went outside, what is private is not good when talking about Louis Vuitton bags face." He is clearly jealous. Although he still can be long, it can not be handsome, tall, height is the ordinary southerners, 172 cm, but this kid looks very clever. But four years of college, he just did not find a girlfriend, and sometimes it will shift the responsibility to fly over him, blame him handsome, as long as he appeared, the other girls that you can not see the text of his chapter, he So far there are girlfriend is valid and do not know the taste of it.
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