than he would be crazy if we really were trapped

January 25 [Fri], 2013, 9:44
One hundred and fifteenth chapter, game balance (a) "Xiaobing, let's back to the windy city, do intend to." Things have been so far, says anything late, or go back first to look at how to do this with the 01 captains to discuss it. Stay here on this line, does not participate in outside hegemony? You is to kill me, I do not agree. Closure days lock to array? It is good to listen to the name, but not sleepy maintained that two say, this can is also with the array Mage, senior. We just like a cold-blooded Doudou law, see you seal lock, to severe, or of my senior array mage powerful. I and wheatgrass rushed back to the 01 army commander has ordered the Tarrasque Knights Army called back, face aghast watching outside. To see me back, quickly said: "Boss, cold-blooded has been completed that hell closure days lock to array, we really trapped, I just try and commander, he was told in a special area, and can not communicate with outside world, how to do? "This guy was in a hurry and would also have pointed to by the guild hegemony accumulation exploits, careerism it, if this stuck here, then he may nothing dry not only watched several other road commander in front of a house on fire, and he was staring at him. I coldly sweep outside the city one of closure days that hell lock to array has been launched, but from the outside it is can not see what is to come, everything is normal, I can clearly see the cold-blooded barracks. I did not fly out or sneak into the ground to see if you can go out, has said that the cold-blooded, as long as he dared to say so, that naturally there grasp, I do not check investigation has no meaning. Even check, only to provoke others ridiculed. "Well, do not leave here into a specific area, but you do not see the army of cold-blooded is four mobilize from its layout should be to strengthen the defense, if the seal lock, ground array impeccable, that cold-blooded simply do not need to so, can people tune to go, so it seems, this the sealed lock, ground array is not without flaws, flaws, we can kill out. "I said coldly. Want to trap me? Well, you cold-blooded go practice a few years now! "That we now how to do? If it could Longwei City Contact, we could be mobilized reinforcements to attack from within and outside, to this cold-blooded troops simply is not enough to look at." 01 commander said. I shook my head, cold-blooded dare to put hundreds of thousands of troops here, he will naturally expect us to the outside world for help, he should want good countermeasures to role I am afraid there will not be any move would give the cold-blooded nose. "Boss, you see!" I'm wondering how to destroy the hell Destroys 01 commander suddenly gasp, finger outside the city, surprised Road. I looked up and saw the smoke and dust everywhere, hoofs could be heard vaguely, seems to have a large team of people came to the side. I frowned and said: "It seems that the people of East Fort necessarily inverse paradise had already discussed it once I stuck a force factions over to complete the encirclement of iron wall, I firmly trapped die, so that the strength of any party will not have much impact facilitate them outside hegemony. "I said yes, to what East Fort army. The cold-blooded have been flying out of the barracks, where he was greeted seems lawless personally led, or cold-blooded Compliment do not need. Well, this can be really fun, "masterpiece" Big Three, even all went to this little windy city. I see the end of this war, the windy city's popular inevitable soared to travel alone to visit, it will probably insignificant. 01 commander, we took all the array mage me tune up, let them take a look at how to crack this damn ghost array "I cried. The Miracle Fighters learn good, but I just focused on Destroys just how to Zhenshi to the red one to pieces for array management, but I is not too deep research. I am busy, no time. 01 commander smile: "Boss, I have just let array Mage seen this ghost array they are also the first encounter, although a few people to see little things, but not conclusive, they now go on to study hope Destroys the law as soon as possible to find out, or let me stay here long, I think I will go crazy. "than he would be crazy if we really were trapped for a long time, I think I will be mad. But things have been so far, want more useless, or so on it, and so on to see if I can in one fell swoop Destroys. "01 commander, * Mountain at increased vigilance, in order to prepare for the cold-blooded send people from the mountain to climb over, if they invaded the city, we in big trouble.", I commanded. Now the situation has not to the worst, that the fighting must continue. Of course, even if the situation has been bad to the point of no longer bad, fighting or to continue. Surrendered, not that I do ruthless. The the wheatgrass to monitor cold-blooded movement left in the wall, in case he flew trouble I took Yiyi under the wall, looking for a secluded place to begin contact luan children. Now I can only hope her body, if she can give me some useful information, especially information about this the sealed lock, ground array, it would be the end of the story. Yiyi close at hand, but also afraid that the moment I can not luan children that Yiyi might have a chance, after all, she is the NPCs is interlinked with luan children Mind. I wanted to be in a specific area, they two should have a chance. Under do not want to try, I talked luan children contacted. This guy on my situation here seems to be clear, a port on embarrassing me, "ruthless, are now experiencing the master? Know that powerful, right? Well, I will let you all day mad, now how? Then mad ah? "*, *** you talking about?" Although I can only resort to the luan children, but one she was gloating, my anger directly pounced to. Loss her or my wife, the whole long time not only do not help me, but looking at my jokes, without further ado, how to crack this hell of closure days lock to array, I do not want to stay here pension. "Luan children is also not because of my attitude, angry, very seriously and said: "Destroys? very simple ah, hey, as long as you blaze outside the city to start sealing day lock array of Qinlong chopped to ruined it seal lock, ground array will not attack and destroyed. "" You're really lightweight, self-styled lock, and array start, I simply can not see the damn Qinlong chopped, you let me where to find go? say This Destroys heaven and earth lock, whether it is God or into the ground, have been impossible, how cold-blooded army eyeing to Qinlong chopped ah? can you help me think of practical idea? "I airway. The luan children Enliaoyisheng did not speak for a long time. "What are you doing? Asleep?, I will let you help me think of ways to do?" And so on for a long time did not hear her little voice, I am anxious Road. Luan child finally spoke, faint Yi Tan, said: "heartless, you're so smart, I think you've found something, since you have thought, why should you embarrassed me it? Ruthless, do not put their hopes in me, as long as you are willing to work hard and diligently, I think you must, you can Destroys out proud Xiao Long inflammation. "my heart 'shabu' cold half, and sometimes could not help stunned , murmured: "For the balance of the game, is it?" one hundred and sixteenth chapter, game balance (b) "Yes, merciless, If I do not, that is so unfair to others, so before I left early creation Shrine of the reasons you think, then do not let me repeat the same mistakes, okay? "from the cold-blooded, and I recently alternately development just outside the city, I really thought of such a possibility confirmed by luan children, but now, I still feels lost. I silently cut off communications. I know, from now on, everything must rely on themselves, no matter what happened before has luan children help, I will wayward Hu Wei, there is unlikely to consider the details, even screw up, it does not matter in the overall situation without problems on the line, anyway luan children gave propped behind. It now appears that the days of really coming to an end, especially cold-blooded guy actually learned devil avatar, I did not hang him. This way, makes him almost invincible, and I do? In addition to the special clothes, without any ...... *, I how this crop to forget hurried paralysis ring equipment taken from his waistband. Mother, had the ring from basaltic where did you get taken out, except in front of She Laotai Jun, I have been to no avail. If I'd equipment, which is just outside the city, shall I be able to kill a cold-blooded. You have a devil avatar, you can instantly turn into flying smoke fled, but I also make you a state of paralysis of the artifact, just Pizhong you, not to mention a five-second time, even if it is one second, I also can you hack into two half. Yiyi see Leng Leng stood, his face for a moment happy moment frustrated, not by Qi said: "Brother, what happened? Does Sister no way ruined closure days outside lock to array?" Well, Yiyi, forget Sister everything only * us, rest assured, I am confident that the broken the sealed lock Canada Goose Calgary, ground array. "equipment paralysis Ring, I become the high-spirited, a great world wind took the taste. Yiyi nodded, did not say anything. Back on the tower, and found that several array the Mage also back, facing outside pointing from time to time to discuss a few whispered. I did not bother directly find 01 commander, and his staff divided into three classes, take turns on duty. Special circumstances, who do not know that the cold-blooded siege when, if all the troops to spend, and that do not have a cold-blooded hands, we put to drag you down. 01 army commander the kicked away convened men teachers arrangements. That several arrays Master also end of the discussion turned to me and said: "Boss, we have studied have to break this surprising array, or the Temple of Heaven to start from the start a big fuss, only to destroy the Temple of Heaven, grab back Qinlong chopped, the letter day lock array will fall of its own. "I know, Mr Luan children said, but I where to find tall Temple of Heaven. To the outside, I looked at since the start of the array of arrogance, that the Temple of Heaven has long since disappeared, simply without a trace. "I know to start from the Temple of Heaven, but you can tell me where the Temple of Heaven in, I only know that the Temple of Heaven, where will it be possible to go to snatch ah, or where to grab Qinlong chop?" ...... "Head The Advanced Array Master embarrassing Road, "Boss, this the sealed lock, ground array is surprising array of the best in the world, there are some potential contact with the system, this matrix method of this is used to block some unexpected European domains Zhenshi start, in order to prevent people from ruined Temple of Heaven will be from the Ming to dark, and the random simply not fixed at a certain point, in order to find the Temple of Heaven, can only be a matter of luck. "too! , Said with did not say. * Luck? How is this possible, I put my hand on the tens of thousands of Longwei soldiers and 30 Men's Air Max Hoop 91,000 demon army pressure on the luck this two word, that too at a trifling matter. This is the march to war, is not child's play. Everything should be focused on accurate, but can not act blindly. I thought: "If the motion direction of the fairy-level identification technique, is it possible to find the Temple of Heaven?" So-called styled, I am also no way, had to be used to identify the equipment identification technique to move out. Advanced array mage shook his head and said: "Boss, is God-level identification technique useless, unless someone make clairvoyance clairvoyance? Fairy eye in the sky?" I heard the name could not help strange, clairvoyance seems mysterious six supernatural powers in the door of a legend in the comprehension disciples, but also a day through the eye in the sky, people can excel clairvoyance is almost unheard of, Is the system comprehension for this statement? If so Canada Goose Womens Chilliwack Bomber Parka, then this "masterpiece" would be too must, in the end, everyone all into God become immortal, do get hold of the Jade Emperor, I *, that is not confusing. Feudal superstition, we must resolutely resist, if true then one day, I just like a cold-blooded to make peace, not to fight, and everyone all San Leba, so play the game into God become immortal, and made the wrong track, which makes the reality can not survival in trouble. The Master Senior array a slight chuckle: "But in this clairvoyance and Xuanmen of clairvoyance not the same thing, which is just a skill, can Dongche everything in the game, including the BOSS refresh law." "Cut rush between me where to find clairvoyance ah? Besides, even find clairvoyance, etc. excel, I think Long Yan country has already become the inverse paradise of the world, we go out to kill useless. "I discouraged Road. Advanced array mage still do not panic do not panic, slow thinking and reason to said: "Boss, you do not have to hurry, I heard you got a stealth equipment, then you could use this piece of equipment out of the city to check it out, although they can not leave tactical deployment of the control area, but the matrix method is also not ruined your stealth, I think the boss ingenuity, not days, the windy city is surrounded by crystal clear and tangible to further intend too late ah makes sense! Know ourselves to win every battle, I just around to get a clear idea, then let the array mage I went to put on several diametrically opposed strange array, Well, I do not believe stir not confused you cold-blooded. But this array the Master looks really not the average person, with snow and ice city laugh ask days you win in this situation, but also steady as a rock, but no trace of the panic of color alone it can be determined, he must not vulgar 'generation. Such talent to stay in the 01 commander too wasted. No, I have to give him dug Now that you have joined the Longwei City, it would have to contribute to the Longwei City. "Who are you? Reasons for not to Santo House, but remained in the 01 military?" My eyes stare straight in his face, coldly asked. Such senior array Mage eyes me like a knife, still do not reveal a trace of mood state, smiled and said: "I am the array Master your boss from the commander there to come to the course, I stay in here. "This guy is still here to take, then blocking me. But not urgent, hey, as long as you are a talent, is held before Alwutech, aloof aloof and not be too far off the mark, you can never run, sooner or later, have to contribute to me, Do not try to be a world outside expert. I do not get mad, just a touch of nodded his head, and said: "Your courage and strategy only array mage bit overkill, not as good as this, and so we Destroys blaze after I transferred to Santo House How? such also there to help you play to the strengths ...... "if not finished 01 commander's voice, heard from the city walls to pass up," Boss, you may from time dynamic him if you dare him to tune my to go, I told you your life!!! "
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