March 28 [Wed], 2007, 15:00
Last Sunday, I went to Round-one in fushimi with my seniors.
Spo-cha is a system of playing sports for 3 hours.

We played batting, pitching, futsal, volleyball, badminton, roller skates, squash and so on.
I have muscular pain all over.

From last Sunday, my sister is staying at my house.
We sill go Shijo tomorrow.
She will go back to home on Friday.

Last night, I have a nabe-party with my friend.
Is was so delicious!
We watched Saw3.
It was scary but we enjoyed it.
We had a very good time.


March 13 [Tue], 2007, 3:07
The last weekend, I met a friend of mine in high school days.

On Friday, we visited Toufukuji temple.
There was the oldest toilet in Japan.
She wanted to see it!
She has a sense of humor.

She stayed at my house on Friday.
We watched a lot of funny movies on Youtube.

We overslept on Saturday.
We went to her house by train.
Her house is near Kansai University.

We bought takoyaki and Yoshigyu.
It was delicious.

We had veyr good time.
I came back to my house at 9 p.m. on Sunday.
Then, I go to yakitori shop Ichiban in which my friend works at with my friend.

Today, I met two friends at my office.
I'm glad to see them.

Pig and whistle 

March 09 [Fri], 2007, 5:02
I went to "Pig and whistle" which is a bar placed around the world.
We went to there three at 11 p.m.

It's international bar, I heard that there are students or foreigners.
We expected that we can speak with foreigners.

When we ordered some food and drinks, we were talked by a man.
He said a joke and was sitting near our seat.

I talked with my friend about one friend's travel to U.S.A.
She went to U.S.A. by herself.
Her experience is very interesting.

When my eyes suited them, they came our seat!
How sociable they are!

We talked a lot things.
But, I was drinking and nervous, so I couldn't make understood myself.
I felt that to communicate in English is soooo difficult!!
I have to study more harder than before.

Then, they asked us to go a walk or karaoke.
I thought that it is dangerous and careless act to follow them.
So, I said "we are sleepy and tired, so we go home."
They understood the meaning but saw off us.

Eventually, we walked for 2 hours!
We walked through Gosho and Soukokuji temple.
It was so scenic.

We had a very good time.

But...I have a problem.
I exchange telephone number.
It isn't careless act, it is?
He was very kind and good man.
That's OK.
I cannot talk with him in English especially on the phone!!
I wanted to exchange e-mail address...

A Letter 

March 08 [Thu], 2007, 2:07
I got a letter from my grandmother!
I didn't check my mailing box for a week, it's the date of March 3rd.

Her letter always cheer me up.
She wrote her school days or my mother's story when she was young.
It is interesting and impressing for me.

I cannot help crying when I read her letter.
Her words are warm and kind.
I think that I should try hard more.

I watched "Just like Heaven"(恋人はゴースト).
It was a so good film.
I reccomend you it and "In Her Shoes".
They are my favorite.


March 06 [Tue], 2007, 5:49
I truanted this diary for three days...I regret!
It's my weak point that I cannot do what I decided.
I wanna break yourself of that habit.

I went to my friend's house with my friend.
He cooked steak and it was so delicious!
We drank wine and campari-orange&soda.
We had a very good time!

'Cause my senior at my office quit the job, I and colleague went to okonomiyaki shop.
The shop's okonomiyaki is delicious.
I often go the shop.

This spring, 4 seniors graduate their college, they quit the job and we have to leave.
They work well and I was taught a lot of things.
I like and miss them so much!

They are kind and amusing.
But, next senior people who are next to graduated are spiteful for me...
Certainly, they dislike me.
They are tough to deal with.

One person often says me covert irony.
Other assigns me to cleaning more than others.
I have no confidence to get in good with them!

I am under a lot of stress.
So, I searching new job now.

I have a lot of plans this month!
I'll meet with friend my high school days, go to temples, go to shopping, go to karaoke, go to bar...etc
I'm lokking forward them so much.
These pleasure plan support me.

At home 

March 02 [Fri], 2007, 0:40
Today...I stay my home ALL day!

I go to English Lessen every Thursday.
There are very high-level people in my class.
It's 2 of 25 classes which have high-level English ability.

It's wonderful that I'm one of them.
But I cannot communicate with them well.
Almost of them are my senior, I don't know what to talk.
I want to get along with them, so I'll do my best.

But, today, I didn't go the class.
'Cause I overslept...

Everyday I decide that I will get up early and go to shopping.
But I cannot realize the decision.
I always sleep 8 hours at least.

I will get up in a.m. and go to shopping to buy something to eat.
I want to wash my buthroom, wash my clothes, clean up my house.
It's difficult things because I have to go work, but it's also essencial things.
I want to be a person who do what she said.

I'll do my best^^

Casual meeting! 

March 01 [Thu], 2007, 1:54
I went to part-time job, and I met my friends!
Though my shop located near my university,
I rearely see my classmates.
I'm grad to see them.

At the beginning of next month, our next term will start.
Until the time, almost all of us go back to their home town or
go abroad to study English or devote to part-time job.
So I don't know what they are doing now.

They said that they will some touching movies.
I wanted to join them, but I had to do.

I and my friend are plan to held "the Wine Party".
We will talking and weating over wine.
A friend of mine, Hiro-kun, will prepare cheese and uncured ham for the party.
I'm lokking forward to it!


February 28 [Wed], 2007, 5:18


Today, I begin this blog "Usual Days".
I introduce myself.

My name is Miki.
Please call me just Miki.
Please be my good friend.

I'm a college student in Kyoto.
My major is Literature and I study English.

My hobby is watching movie and listening music.
I like adventure, SF, action, comedy, suspense, etc...
Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite one.
Especially I like Jonny Depp!
I also like Mads Mikkelsen, Viggo Mortensen.

I like Japanese Pop.
Recently, I like RADWIMPS.
Their songs are is incentive.
I listen many kind of music.

I'm work at Video rental shop near my house.
The job suit me because the shop deal in CDs and DVDs.

I think, main dairy will be related to my hobby and work.

I want some people who help me to implove my English avility.
For example, exchanging e-mail or chatting.
Please give me e-mail!
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