Autoclave Definition and Uses

November 07 [Thu], 2013, 17:44

Autoclave Definition and Uses

What is the benchtop autoclave and uses? Autoclave also known as high-pressure steam sterilization pot, can be divided into portable autoclaves and vertical autoclaves. Electric wire using hot water to produce steam, and to maintain a certain pressure of the device. There are a barrel can be sealed, pressure gauges, exhaust valve, safety valve, electric wire and other components. For medical and health services, scientific research, agriculture and other units, medical equipment, dressing, glassware, media and other solutions for disinfection and sterilization, is the ideal device. Portable Autoclave [1] is a food factory, drinking water plants do QS, HACCP certification necessary testing equipment.
Autoclave Class N
About autoclave price

Domestic and imported brands autoclaving , type, model , functional range , the price is also uneven , domestic brands include Xun Haibo , Beijing Shengda , Haier ; imported brands including Sanyo, Japan, ALP, German New Wave , etc., with than domestic brands cheaper than imported brands prices , domestic brands more than the price in the yuan , while the basic price of imported brands in the million or more, some even up to several hundred thousand dollars .
Medical Autoclave Vertical Type 35 Litres LX-C35L
    Between different models of the same product prices are also quite different , CNAUTOCLAVE portable vacuum autoclave sterilizer price lower than the price of desktop , portable sterilizer prices are generally lower than 5,000 yuan , while the desktop sterilizer prices are quite different in different brands ,.More details, Please view website or get more laboratory supplies Click here,domestic brands of desktop Sterilizer lowest price but also in more than 5,000 yuan .

    Autoclaves material , the volume size, etc. are also reasons for the differences prices , product prices are lower than ordinary materials, stainless steel products.

    Autoclaves are widely used in hospitals , food factories , laboratories , etc., in different places on the level of sterility requirements are different , so the user according to their different requirements for sterility to choose the most suitable autoclave .

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