a little weak voice sounded

July 10 [Wed], 2013, 15:44
Today this is called a big loss to eat, he just wanted to quickly put his body injuries treated well, and then threatened not to spread out in front of several children. This Fudo otherwise he can not later be mixed. "Uh" Oscar wanted to ask why would become so Zao, Zao Wou-ki, but what is clear is his strength. But he soon saw Mu Bai Dai, handing me the wink, as a very wise man, Oscar immediately withdrew his face surprised, as if nothing had students like, Zao Pidianpidian came before Just get out of their own sausage Flanagan handed over, while singing so that the presence of a soul curse everyone dumbfounding. "I have the root of small sausage." Even Oscar itself did not look wretched soul curse when he read out the sentence of time, it has become no longer the wretched of the wretched. A thickness of only a little finger in his little dachshund grasp, express to Zao. Zao also rude, has to go to eat sausages and salami. Face suddenly became pretty much. Mu Bai Dai ZhuZhuQing suppressing a smile back side. ZhuZhuQing immediately received a very cold look. ZhuZhuQing injury is not light, but she obviously was using eyes told Dai Mu Bai, if you dare let that wretched uncle put his big sausage sausage to take over, you're dead. I _ see Mu Bai Dai made a helpless gesture, shook her head to her, "Do not worry, I will never let you eat is the kind of thing that guy and I can not bear." ZhuZhuQing eyes look a cold, closed on the eye, without looking Mu Bai Dai one. Oscar's big eating sausages and small sausages, Zao's face suddenly pretty much, his clothes before the battle has been damaged very seriously, he tore a direct, wiped his face with blood. Oscar's big sausage treatment, get rid of small sausage is an abnormal state,Oakley M FRAME Online, the effect of these two foods are extremely practical. Mandala venom brings a sense of paralysis gradually disappeared, but the intense pain forced Zao face muscles twitch. Looked down, his body now have multiple skin drum up tangled into one walnut-sized drum kits, bursts of pain is terrible at these drum kits coming. "Zhao teachers, we counted cross the border of it?" Stand aside, the only one of the candidates in the four full Zao NingRongRong pointed behind him asked. Zao looked back, his burning incense has long been extinguished. Nuheng soon, "Forget you cross the border." He now also no longer willing to stay, time to feel comfortable as a laughingstock. Turned to go. "Zhao teacher, wait a minute." Just then, a little weak voice sounded,Oakley Glasses Online, Zao turned and looked, the speaker was just still adjusting interest rates in the Tang. After a moment's rest, Tang spirit seems too good to some, barely up from the ground. "Hedgehog, you have nothing? You have passed the test of me." Zao watching the juvenile mind is hate and love. Although he let himself lose so adults also get a minor injury, but the child demonstrated the potential and the will to fight the battle, the monster is definitely a monster. Tang three: "Zhao teacher, I'm sorry. I just too impulsive, but your strength is too strong for me, I had to go all out and I will help you come out the body's hidden weapon. Otherwise, I am afraid, have an impact on your body. "Tang nails hidden in the ten needle point asparagus in Zao body, that the injury is not easily able to muster the resolve. Since asparagus pin is made of gold naturally formed, although belonging to the metal itself, but not the magnets can attract, plus a body piercing has been tangled up. Even if it is Tang shot himself in injury time must also be the case not long before it can be discharged, otherwise, once the depth flesh, only to cut the wound thoroughly. Fortunately, Zao Fudo amazing body defense, should the needle in Shizhan Long time, Tang three internal forces and they have been insufficient, so the asparagus needle just his skin wound track position, otherwise, if the asparagus needle injection in vivo, it may not be able to rescue it. After listening to the words of Tang, Zao Wou-ki's face looking a little,Oakley Sunglasses Flak Jacket Cheap, old head can not help Chek However, after all, he was a holy soul. The face of a child less than thirty, actually used the fifth soul ring. This clearly is the big bullying the small. However, this hedgehog is really powerful, that strange attack, but also the rain-delayed Zao eye-opener. Zao Tang came in front of him a bit first determine the position of the needle asparagus, asparagus seeing the needle under the skin, mostly tangled, and no depth. He also relieved. And Zao fully a war, but also the hearts of anger he had disappeared. Mind somewhat regret, after all, people are a teacher, not an enemy, his shot somewhat heavier. Of course, in that case before the face of extremely tough Zao bring that kind of pressure, he does not fully impossible. White color back into the right hand, fingers quickly wound up in Zao a few even point refers to the area controlled crane Qinlong fresh touch, a golden tip already under way from the skin out. Tang three pinch the tip of a pumping force, the needle will be taken out an asparagus. Zao This live sins may be big, asparagus immediately after the needle into the body curled up with his skin, muscles intertwined, the outside pumping, even if it is pain caused by nerve large section of Fudo , his face could not help but twitch. When Tang will be fully removed after the needle asparagus, Zao who already emerging with a thick layer of steam, the whole body was in pain covered with sweat, but he also considered hard gas, Leng Shimo loud hum
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