but never saw a Wonsan move

December 13 [Thu], 2012, 19:15
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultOn the activities of the answer ,taking into account the fifteen approach student party during the examination, so I had postponed for ten days ,in June 25th, just all holidays ,so just right ,many people are a little excitement !The 856th chapter the merits of South barren emperor temple .
This is the Southern Dynasty most sacred place ,past dynasties in Dynasty fathers ,emperor worship here South barren God ,thousands of years, each day will have a commom people to South barren emperor temple worship .
direction ,South barren God gods .Can be seen in the South barren emperor temple top, together with extremely strong strength of faith ,just a wisp of to can put a statue of the supreme goddess give play to pieces, too terrible ,it is after so many years of accumulation of strength ,has a mysterious power of god .
The strength of faith ,as if his soul ,condensed in a pious face ,quiet and peaceful, give a person full of wisdom feeling ,as if in this one really gave birth to a deity in general .
However South barren emperor temple is not large, is located is the South ruins overall construction be misfits . the South barren Tai Temple, there is no gorgeous hermitages ,but a mountain ,covers an area of one hundred and twenty-nine thousand six hundred miles .
It is said that this is the South barren by a supreme Dao, counterfeit one hundred thousand mountains from refining ,is a smaller version of the one hundred thousand mountains ,but it is scary enough ,can be produced in a covering one hundred and twenty-nine thousand six hundred supreme Dao, sufficient visible South barren day emperor strength has horrible ,this hill is called a Wonsan .
Although rumors so ,but never saw a Wonsan move, there are many terrible emperor banned, terrible emperor potential ,can execute quasi emperor ,sages ,and even the great realm into which the characters ,a careless will also have life die risk ,this is an indisputable fact ,once people do not believe ,into which ,results for Rob ash ,didn ,this is a lesson of blood ,many people on the South barren emperor temple is located one hundred thousand mountains have a feeling of fear .
Xuanyuan came to the foot of the mountain ,where the building of a covering miles of Sifangtai, in the southeast to northwest in four directions respectively have an immortal figure ,sitting at a long before the case .
It is looking for the old man to register, hurry . Friends fly heart excited ,urging regulus .The speed is not urgent ,Sifangtai looked at those enrolled in the presence of several ,he saw to his feeling extremely simple person .
However the arrival, also attracted many people ,perhaps say ,Regulus around four NV, caused the attention of many people .The presence of one Many people are looking at Mochou ,margin ,blue butterfly ,Yan Ziyun ,such as NV ,ferial can meet a ,is extremely rare ,and now suddenly appeared in four ,and accompanied by a man side ,is simply insane ,haven what a man can have so the Y à nfu .
This scene don is how many people dream of all seek not, however this has appeared in front of them ,to say ,to them, is a great blow ,but they still enjoy the visual impact ,everybody in the s īsī-beneath the whispering ,tasting it four NV, which one is better .
For these remarks, Regulus a pedestrian choose to ignore ,here ,their sole purpose is to want to take a gamble stone series . today out of a horse so bright and dark horse ,do you know who this is ?Does anyone know ? Don ,see what one has never seen before ,have never even heard of it ,I have never heard of any major forces the characters a trigger ,but also so beautiful ,but unusual beauty would envy him to death .
Yes ,even the peerless beauty, is also very hard to find a more beautiful than the men ,no wonder his side will have four great beauty surround ,really lets the people envy . I just don understand is why ,their side also follow a West immortal monk ,see the appearance ,the God ,the son is also belongs to the young people ,his body worn by M é ngem is Buddha ,who is certainly not small ,these people can never get .
Oh ,this is not necessarily so ,with four s èbeautyswagger through the streets ,absolutely will not look for opportunities to challenge their minds ,at least will test the people skills, be able to participate in this contest has several people gamble stone ,is more fuel-efficient lights ?Grab the limelight of people ,also want to leave ,this is impossible .
.. ... There were many discussions. All UGG Over Knee Twisted Cable,Regulus to find a direction in line, but no one came provocation ,but many people gaze ,Regulus already used ,completely indifferent .Registration is fast ,not a moment to turn the regulus .
It is located in the south a registration position ,a man looking at a pedestrian hefatongyan Xuanyuan ,asked you intend to several people enlist? m a . Regulus road .Young man.
May I have your name, please .The old man gave Regulus a pedestrian eyes, eyes flashed a throbbing ,the regulus them sends out of breath, but their innate temperament to his feeling ,is a few people are extremely simple person .
Xuan su . Regulus road .Oh? From which m é npie ? The old man was the basic information inquiry . é naffiliation ,nameless powder repair . Regulus smiled with sound ,naturally or half unconsciously pass between D à ng.
Speak interested listener ,more central ,learned that Xuanyuan was no m é ndispatched without bulk repaired, more let their minds without any fear . Su Xuan ,since you no m én,do not know this is to find a rely on rely on ,such as the in dynasty purple house cents teach days Phoenix House cents ,can pick any one ,they must be very happy ,as long as you enter at a large forces ,not with their name Shushi stone .
The old man ,obviously does not belong to three major forces of any forces ,but the four old men can say ,every individual has a unique about the human s è . Thanks for the old gentleman ,but for me, this came to the world and many strange people is to explore potential ,I do not depend on which a large force ,all the way to meet someone who encountered who ,for me, there is no difference .
The hand salute saying . Oh ,so not force, this is the Emperor Temple Fu ,you can play on the same day with five friends watch . The old voice for a fall he took out a gold J ī ngbuild ,in the above characterization with Hyun wonderful Tao Wen vignettes ,and this seems to be a a Wonsan are having extremely close relationship .
Regulus try the door ,look to the friends of flying , Ji ā o money... ... Xuanyuan said to feel at ease and justified ,Peng Fei forehead skeleton ,although the one hundred million Angel coin for him is nothing ,but the mosquito Tu ì Jion the R ò uand R ò u ah,my heart never complain ,but friends fly or took out one hundred million angel coin .
Xuanyuan will Emperor Temple Fu to into the bucket ring , go slow channel . But in Regulus a pedestrian is gone ,there was suddenly a discordant voice . ! really ,it seems to be looking for their trouble .
S ī underimmediate countless people ,there were many discussions . Good good, with four such charm is extreme NV, want to leave is impossible things . For the road voice ,Regulus pretending not to have heard ,go ,say to see the Xuanyuan should he so blind ,he a Dodge ,directly on the regulus a pedestrians ,pointing to the regulus nose cold shouted I let you stop do you hear ?How dare you ignore me ?Is it right? Want to have a death wish ?Do you know who I am .
Regulus sighed ,could not look at him ,a ch ō u,with a loud ,Regulus which a force ,even the land can be wounded ,and the only in life immortal peak realm, he may be in the potential of having no small achievement ,but R ò ubody in front of the fight ,as a small J ī facegiant wolves ,there is no resistance .
It had a bar in front of Regulus men like a broken kite line ,the whole people fly directly out ,all bones fracture ,cheek skin R ò udirect blow ,blood R ò ufuzzy Canada Goose Mountaineer,facial bone is broken in half, just like a dead dog ,limp under Sifangtai .
Xuanyuan blow is amazing, really scary ,touch on lightly spank should make a life immortal peak state juvenile Tianjiao figure directly hit ,it is so fantastic ,at this moment ,countless people in his heart to Xuanyuan playing on a label ,it was the monster !Get moving !Regulus has not read other people at a glance ,he didn want to make an issue of ,only able to subdue the thunder means other people ,so that they dare not move the north face.
But then ,suddenly a gentle voice Su Xuan friends right? You please stay . Regulus frown ,turned, a face with a childish boy ,height only in the regulus Xi ō ngexport gas haloes ,imposing ,the moment of his behavior ,the avenue potential lines significantly ,this let the Xuanyuan heart is shocked ,small age ,can have such quality ,really shocking .
This practice is still in the realm of sin is to have life ,potential with respect to the Xuanyuan although do not feel them ,but know not simple . Did not think of ,is actually ten years old child prodigy ,black and white ! This is the Southern Dynasty spot Taishi ah ,ten commandments ,its qualification attainments as juvenile emperor, is said to have potential for mysterious inheritance ,this time he will also participate in this field bet stone series .
The merits of anything ,but this guy Su Xuan to pass is not so easy . Regulus see one on their own to salute, he naturally can not out of courtesy ,immediately salute the friend ,do not know what are we looking at ? My name is right and wrong ,Ning to straight in ,not to bend and ,even if the winding road ,I would put him down .
The merits of age is small ,but the word as the size of the beads y ù falldisc ,exciting ,in his voice which contains an avenue of sound, thus the child do profound, to know he was just ten years old ,the future achievement inevitable limitless !Oh? That what advice ? Regulus smiled .
Hum ,this NV had a Pacific royal blood, how can be easily into the territory ,could someone hide a malicious intent as well? The original black and white refined and courteous sudden attack, directed at the blue butterfly .
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