but throw money advertising company less and less

December 25 [Tue], 2012, 12:16
In the financing difficult change under the background of the current business industry in a closed and merger of high water, the most typical example is the only cotton collapse and SuNingYi purchase purchase red children. And nike air max ltd uk for sale other electrical contractor company most also can only live hard, because in the past to do large scale for the purpose, so a lot of electric business company and no profit will be set as a target. "2012 most electric are in a state of loss. BuGuang qi said.

But BuGuang drawn that capital winter also let electric business company's competition started tends to be rational. Most of the electricity business companies began to pay attention to the product, pay attention to user experience, and marketing on the secondary position, "advertising is doing, but throw money advertising company less and less."

For the 2012 electric business price war, BuGuang qi said this is the development of the industry to a certain will experience a process, this is just a means of competition, not electric business industry blundering performance. He thinks that, the price war after the home appliance business reflection is more important. At the same time, many times the price war but also to train Chinese netizens e-commerce nike air max tn uk for sale spending habits, the industry is also a role in promoting.

BuGuang drawn that in 2013, the electric business industry winter will still continue, one of the most main reason or electric let platform opportunity already more and more concentrated in the giant hand, for the new company, it has a chance to get bigger. And if see great opportunities, investors will also be more cautious.

But with electric business platform competition gradually clear, for other electric business for the company, with the big platform development will become a trend in 2013. Dangdang has in this comprehensive in day cat, and next year there will be more similar example.

This trend also means that some small and medium-sized electrical contractor company will begin to pay more attention to profit instead of scale, BuGuang qi thought in 2013 May have a lot of electrical business company appear meager profit or even small, this also is helpful for the whole electric business the healthy development of the industry.

PC electric business still at growth mobile electric business is still in the stage of layout

Although the mobile Internet has become the focus, but BuGuang qi thinks, at present the electric field of business has not formed the real mobile electric company, most of the electricity business the company is still only the mobile terminal as the electric business a channel.

But, BuGuang together also said, mobile nike air max uk shoes for sale electric business business model has very clear, no matter from YiXun itself or other electrical business company, can see, from mobile client flow with the rapid rising trend. This means that in the future, mobile electric business is all electric business company will have to pay attention to the.
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