maintain a safe distance between Yang

March 20 [Wed], 2013, 13:04
Back in Guangling, it is already late at night, Yang Zixuan drove to the Yellow River edge, river water at the shore, a few terminal with faint light, the construction workers home lighting Yang Zixuan parked the car outside, into the site, a few night workers, immediately wake."What person?"Shout, have few workers rose, red Lu, the upper part of the body, did not wear clothes, have come up with flashlights shine upon Yang Zixuan, see Yang Zixuan suit of leather, not to the site to steal things, just relax vigilance."In the dead of night, you sneaking around here?""No, just heard here in dock, come and have a look" maintain a safe distance between Yang Zixuan and these workers, is also afraid of these workers do not follow the rules, an iron bar to hit, may have killed him."What good, mud pile" several workers didn't said, see Yang Zixuan is driving around, and dressed body neck Jian, unlike is a thief, lay down again."You are all died inside the construction company?""Of course, what do you think we can do this ghost here didn't have the money to take the project?"Guangling is building a strong city, inside the city several construction teams are very strong, but the city has the profit project too little, some construction companies feed inside the city is not enough to feed, many senior engineers have the sea, to the s ī one construction company to go to work, the two talents loss is very seriously, make Guangling a few pieces of the construction team, the strength is greatly reduced."How long did not get paid?, "almost two months did not have the money, the home is able to keep the pot boiling, if not pay next month, I will not do, I went to the south to work......"Yang Zixuan heart suddenly ascend guilty, if can be firm and secure at home, who would be forced to leave one's hometown,Oakley C-Wire, is also not the life force?It is the responsibility of the mayor.Think of a large organ in the city people, and where workers, have no food to eat, he had felt, the reform of the cadre system is imminent, but now he cannot move, cadres should move,Oakley Active Sunglasses, the stakes are too big, he also have no confidence to live firmly heel, unless the Organization Department of provincial Party committee to give him support, now can only count on Wen Youliang to successfully host the ministers of the organization, so he must operate on cadres, remove those who become cadres, can get the provincial Party Committee Organization Department's support, his only enough energy, clean up.Are talking, Yang Zixuan noticed, not far away and a minibus opened in, the headlights let Yang Zixuan see not clear license plate, car down a few people, Yang Zixuan quickly let aside, want to have a look these people like him to visit the night is for what "you is who ah,Jordan TC Shoes, in the dead of night. Put the car away, you do not trouble trouble ah, also let people to sleep ah......""Feel shy ah, we're inside the province, just come to understand a situation...""Come in the dead of night, you not boring?"People laugh "the brothers, how these terminal even the roads are not, I see is the stone road.........""With no electricity, no water, no way, very normal ah" the workers didn't say "I don't know you people do not want to drive in, and there's nothing" "wharf, how even the most basic" four connections and one leveling "are not?"To ask again."This you should ask the government, they don't give the money, we make a fart ah, even the bags of cement to save Hu......"To exultation "you go months without the labor capital?"""For several months......"Yang Zixuan hid in a side out of the darkness, for these people dialogue, hear clearly, so these are gold in Beijing city sent over, m ō situation, it seems that to Jin Jing, ah, deliberately when funds in Guangling lean, ready to step on dead Guangling heard the news, his face will be overjoyed, I can go back to the leadership.When someone was going to go out, suddenly found hiding in the nearby Yang Zixuan, the leading man, cold drink a "what person?"
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