URL moving 

September 26 [Sat], 2009, 3:10
Even though I used yaplog for so many years. Like almost when I just got into grade 10 or so in high school, I always liked yaplog.
But because everyone is moving to ameba and so many people told me to use it.
So I guess I'll be switching to Ameblo as well now.
So this is goodbye I guess? ;_;
I'll probably keep this blog for memory sake though.
I can always check back that way~
sorry to everyone that recently subscribed to me! >_<

Anyways, you can find me at this following URL:


Take care, yaplog readers and my dear yaplog
Thank you for serving me for the past ~4 years!
You will be missed!

Badminton with Jessie 

September 25 [Fri], 2009, 1:56
So I had to work today~ nothing special.
I was a bit cranky at first but after the staff meeting, I was feeling better.
I was being silly during the meeting
I just like to lighten up a mood if it gets over serious.
Of course, I know when to use it.
I can tell my manager was being silly so I could do it too(笑~)

During my break, I had Opa! It's greek food.
I got the sovlaki platter with lamb.
It was really filling but I think the food was a bit unclean as I didn't feel great after.

After working, Jessie came to pick me up!
She drove me to RichmondPro again where we played a game of badminton.
We met up with her friend Shinji there, along with her brother Gla and his friend.

At first, when I heard Jessie's friend's name was Shinji, I had a bit of a shock I guess.
Haha~ but the past need to be forgotten!
Besides, it wasn't the same person of course

The results of when I played, once again, was my team winning.
Of course~
My mother was a badminton champion when she was young so I have to have inherited her sports genes
That's probably why I play so hard in sports and try so hard
It's a good will to have since I don't have any other will in other things...

After badminton, we went to check out Gogo Tea Cafe.
I was thinking I'd like to work there if they were still a cosplay/maid cafe.
However, I read up they changed ownership thus, there was no longer that motif.
So the waitresses were only dressed in normal black attire.

I ordered the unagi cheese rice and a side drink of a pudding milk tea.
The food wasn't great unfortunatly.
Now that I think about it, I remember reading online that it wasn't great.
I guess I should have ordered that chocolate fondue.

Anyways, I guess I'll continue my job search.
Don't know where to go.
I'd like to work in Richmond but it's so far for me...
We'll see.

Anyways, I'm going to watch 07-ghost and head to bed.
I have to work earlier tomorrow.
So toodles for now!

David, Timmy & co. 

September 24 [Thu], 2009, 3:57
Today, David and Timmy came to town again!
They brought a group of their friends over. Dan, Ichee, Mariko, Sarah and Andrew!
I met up with them at Metrotown and Candice came soon after.
Took purikura and we hungout at CHQ for a bit playing games.
I found out they had the arcade version of Blazblue.
So I watched for a while~ it seemed really fun
We brought them to Chinatown where we later met up with Melissa.

Took 2 cars and headed over to Gastown where we had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.
It was my 1st time walking so far down Gastown.
To be honest, I don't really remember going so far down Gastown.
I've only really stopped until I got to where the gas clock was.
Then I just usually leave.
It's interesting~ and it's nice at night

After dinner, everyone took some tourist photos with the gas clock.
It was around 10 at that time so we had to call it a night as everyone needed to still go back to Bellingham.
All in all, it was a fairly fun day!
I ended up having to have to wait about 30 minutes for the bus to arrive but that's alright!
I was well entertained with Macross Frontier theme songs the entire day.

So now I just finished watching 3 episodes of K-ON!
Yes, I decided to give it another shot.
It isn't as bad as I thought but it is, I guess, still fairly pointless.
I just noticed that 07-ghost came up with a new episode.
I want to watch it but it's getting late and I have work tomorrow.
So perhaps I'll watch it the day after tomorrow.
I'm playing badminton with Jessie again tomorrow evening in Richmond.
So I may not have time. Then again, I may. Probably~

Anyways, that's about it.
My eyes are getting tired now.
So I'm going to bed Goodnight``

I'm looking forward to my paycheque!
Why am I so poor?
I want new clothes...
I'm kind of excited to see Daiji next month!
I hope everything will work out!
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