and took her to the doctor

May 20 [Mon], 2013, 14:38
Charges section (12 points) the 295th chapter throb "not let you lie, you can also run out, have never seen a man cooking?" "Thank you" Los lips moved, really don't know what to say, she is really touched, also some complex. But she didn't know what to say, it is just this sentence. Xu Linyuan will be steamed rice Sheng good, and some of the dishes he cooked the dinner table, see Luo fish still stood at the door in a daze, went past her to a chair. "Try it, taste bad don't blame me, you also had to make do with it" Xu Linyuan put something for her, then filled with small bowl of soup to Luo fish, with a big bowl of steamed rice to eat up. When he is cooking actually tasted the taste, he felt okay, just don't know Luo fish don't get used to. Luo fish smell think it tastes good, perhaps the psychological effect it,Coach Online Sale, she tasted the steamed rice, the feeling is very sweet, but also tasted the dish, also feel very delicious. This is perhaps the most delicious she eaten a meal. Just ate the food, Luo fish's heart is not by an unspeakable feelings palpitate come out, play around in circles in the mist, finally turned into tears streaming down. She since the last time in the pool, after the man had kissed, she knew, and her heart was the man to take. Especially in the recent two days sick, she every mind, no time will not miss him, hope he can appear in front of you. Sometimes she one home and watch the news, see him on TV appearance, always can not help but will it stop for a long time have a look at the picture, he lost, or fat, is happy or unhappy woman, when sick, is the most vulnerable time, she would need to have let her worry about people to spend time with her, so the Luo fish does think if he can see her one eye, she was satisfied. But she never expected, today this heavy rain weather, he was the man entangled, she felt the man not only for her out again, and once again appeared in front of her, and took her to the doctor, and carried her up the stairs, and then give her water to take medicine, what is she cooking. Her heart is very clear, this man will not cook, but today it is her food is very sweet, also don't know is her nose with a cold is not too sensitive, or her sweet heart, think that food is sweet, she couldn't help out of bed and ran out. To see him in the kitchen busy background, she also don't bother, just staring, and turn the hearts of millions of thoughts, if you have a love of her such a man, they can be so dull life,Nike Air Jordan 7 UK, so much the better. All of this, there is no reason to let her heart not feel warm, feel that being cared and loved warm, her heart, is also a throb, so some disappointing tears in circles play around, her heart in think, this should be the first time he gave a woman do meal, she felt very happy. Xu Linyuan will be a bowl of steamed rice eaten, see Luo fish and a bowl,cheap jordan shoes, but she was in a daze, then clip to her, said: "eat fast, fish soup is getting cold, cold is not good to drink......" Luo fish it back.
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